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  1. Bot keeps attacking killed Syndicate members

    so wait for the offsets? EDIT: usually getting a new installation and reconfiguring fixes this if it isnt offsets
  2. Bot keeps attacking killed Syndicate members

    What is your issue? how does it not work?
  3. so after a long break i came back to botting and using it to farm out exp after getting rushed, now an issue has appeared as i started botting, when the bot finds the syndicate it attacks them and kills them but after killing the syndicate it just keeps attacking them What can i do to make it ignore the syndicate possibly?
  4. hey there

    Are u saying bots in general are written in c+ or just this bot? If ur talking every bot then u need to look it over again as far as iknow kolbot & etal for d2 runs javascript coding & both coded in java or some shit i believe, i also know (at least in the past) some bots were coded with ahk.