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  1. Hello! so i just created a new VMWare instance, i downloaded Path Of Exile and tried to start the bot, when injecting it nothing happens and nothing starts, even if i try to just launch without injecting it still does not launch, what have i done wrong and or how can i fix this stupid issue?
  2. bot doesnt work

    well, pretty sure alk has work or something else to do as well, just gotta be patient, usualy doesn't take too long, and just buy the lifetime sub lol that's what i do that way i'm not losing anything.. but anyways, i get it can be annoying, but my best advice is .. be patient
  3. bot doesnt work

    Hey Guys, It's the uhh .. forget the name right now (lol) but Alk has to update it, that's why the bot only clicks at one spot, it's a quick update though, we just need to give him time to push it
  4. Bot keeps attacking killed Syndicate members

    so wait for the offsets? EDIT: usually getting a new installation and reconfiguring fixes this if it isnt offsets
  5. Bot keeps attacking killed Syndicate members

    What is your issue? how does it not work?
  6. so after a long break i came back to botting and using it to farm out exp after getting rushed, now an issue has appeared as i started botting, when the bot finds the syndicate it attacks them and kills them but after killing the syndicate it just keeps attacking them What can i do to make it ignore the syndicate possibly?
  7. hey there

    Are u saying bots in general are written in c+ or just this bot? If ur talking every bot then u need to look it over again as far as iknow kolbot & etal for d2 runs javascript coding & both coded in java or some shit i believe, i also know (at least in the past) some bots were coded with ahk.