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  1. Well I have a Totems build but its that same BoTW RF with SR Totems, I place priority 10 to the skill and placed a 2 secs CD, has been working perfectly.

    On 13/4/2018 at 2:24 PM, MasterOfSilence said:

    find something else, the only thing I could think of would be have 2 keys with Totems(or how ever many totems you summon) and have a 5 second cool down on each of them with the same priority..


    This is also a great Idea. I cant use it since I have all keys used with auras, Golem and Storm Call. but its a good idea ;) 

  2. actually there is a white's section on the pickit. let me search for it and tell you the line.

    Line 1246 more or less, its over there you just need to delete the slash "/" before the 

    [Type] == "Leather Belt" && [Rarity] == "Normal" # [StashItem] == "true" // Collect for Headhunter's


    In this lines you can also put the gold amulet if u want to try to chance the Bisco =P

    Just needs to change the name.


    [Type] == "Gold Amulet" && [Rarity] == "Normal" # [StashItem] == "true" // Collect for Bisco's


    and good luck ;)

  3. I am just wondering if I could pay with bitcoin the donation since I am not able to use the Credit Card to use this, I might be the only one requesting it but its very simple and easy to use, besides BTC is the coin of the future =D Thanks for reading and Please reply me!

    Att: A Bot Lover (Without bot) xD


    Edit: My bad.... Didnt check you alrdy do! Good Jod! Donating now!

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