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  1. adolfofer

    Just got banned !!! NOOOOOOOO

    haha I had tons of legacy items and all RIP... a few Unobtainable.....
  2. adolfofer

    Need help

  3. adolfofer

    Is your bot running? Or not updated yet?

    Mine isnt working either. waiting for the update.
  4. adolfofer

    Totem Builds

    Well I have a Totems build but its that same BoTW RF with SR Totems, I place priority 10 to the skill and placed a 2 secs CD, has been working perfectly. This is also a great Idea. I cant use it since I have all keys used with auras, Golem and Storm Call. but its a good idea
  5. adolfofer

    Path of exile Exception error

    It happend before to me too, it was error of DirectX9, I finished using DirectX 9EX and problem Solved. Try it.
  6. adolfofer

    Gem lvling + discord

    You just need do disable Quest Tracking. Go to Options-UI and Disable Quest Tracking. It should be enough. GL And Happy Botting
  7. adolfofer

    How to set to retrieve only these items?

    You solved it? You could just activate the pick it and its mostly done.
  8. So, to understand, you are running bot in act's? or is it that you have the "Always resurect in town" Checked?? I say it because when I start the EB, it just goes DND and writes /Hideout without doing anything else in town. BTW... I Agree it's an added risk.
  9. adolfofer

    Keep objects 3 linked in the stash

    Maybe you have it on Stash items instead of the Pickit. Cant find it... I know its somewhere.... Edit: Found it. you need to activate the Pickit.
  10. adolfofer

    Leather belt (Normal)

    actually there is a white's section on the pickit. let me search for it and tell you the line. Line 1246 more or less, its over there you just need to delete the slash "/" before the [Type] == "Leather Belt" && [Rarity] == "Normal" # [StashItem] == "true" // Collect for Headhunter's In this lines you can also put the gold amulet if u want to try to chance the Bisco =P Just needs to change the name. [Type] == "Gold Amulet" && [Rarity] == "Normal" # [StashItem] == "true" // Collect for Bisco's and good luck
  11. adolfofer

    Burial Chambers

    Same happens to me, Im waiting for it. Pls support all topics about this map, you are not the 1st one wanting it. We want to make the entire map. it clicks on Burial Chambers but doesnt do the same on Tomb Exit =P
  12. adolfofer

    Bot clicking outside game-window

    same problem here.
  13. adolfofer

    Can u handle bitcoin Donations?

    I am just wondering if I could pay with bitcoin the donation since I am not able to use the Credit Card to use this, I might be the only one requesting it but its very simple and easy to use, besides BTC is the coin of the future =D Thanks for reading and Please reply me! Att: A Bot Lover (Without bot) xD Edit: My bad.... Didnt check you alrdy do! Good Jod! Donating now!
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