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  1. jasiu150

    Carrion Golem

    use other golem?
  2. jasiu150

    Stopping the bot

    f12 to stop f11 to reload config bot
  3. jasiu150

    Discord ;)

    Hello, Invite me on discord to create a server about exiled bot ^^ JASIU150#3120
  4. jasiu150

    2019 EB討論LINE群

    jasiu150#3120 eng speaker too can join?
  5. jasiu150

    hide/normal bot mode choose

    try attach it to explorer.exe or what ever . Check and write whats up
  6. jasiu150

    hello im new

    Hello im new ok I need some help with configure bot ok. Could some good person pm me with tips? my skype janek.stanik my discord JASIU150#3120 ty for help have nice time
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