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  1. Update

    After the game is updated, the bot does not work, update please!
  2. Bot doesn't work after today poe update

    so there is no news? and did not fix anything?
  3. map settings

    also do not work chaos recipe
  4. map settings

    There generally is someone from the moderators or the administration of the site that would answer people or all do not care what people write?
  5. map settings

    You do not understand the bot is working, only the settings of the cards do not work
  6. map settings

    The bot launches maps with effects that have been set to ignore in the map settings!!! This happened after the game was updated.
  7. Bot does not work need an update

    Bot does not work need an update!
  8. Great update

    Thank you!!!
  9. Great update

    The bot starts up, but can not sell cards and that's what it found!
  10. Great update

    A big update, the bot does not work, you need an update !!!
  11. Ошибка ПОЕ

    Если нет 4гб оперативы даже и не пробуй, на 4 гб оперативы большие лаги
  12. Exiled Bot Beta v0.73c Map "Courthouse Map"

    Map - "Flooded Mine Map" "Relic Chambers Map" "Toxic Sewer Map" a similar problem (the one that I found at the moment)
  13. When the bot enters the map "Courthouse" The program gives an error and everything stops. Please check the card, thank you.
  14. Map runner

    If at least T1-T5 discard please need at least something!!!
  15. When the update?

    please indicate where it was published on the site!!!