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  1. Jalockin

    "the Abyssal Dance"

    that could be a short term solution, however we want the bot to clear both breaches and delirium.
  2. Jalockin

    Rogue Marker

    add this to you pickit file [Type] == "Rogue's Marker" # [StashItem] == "true"
  3. Hey... is there anyway that we can make the bot ignore or complete abyssals? Currently everytime the bot encounters an abyssal, it gets stuck dancing on the start point of the abyss - unless it somehow manages to follow monsters all the way to the end and complete the encounter. When that happens the bot doesn't get stuck. Or am I the only one experiencing this? //J
  4. If i dump other maps into the map tab the bot will use maps - for some strange reason it is ignoring all the other maps, and no maps is set to be ignored, besides unique maps ofc. I've tried to slow down the stash tab changing, however it had no effect. Does any of you guys also have watchstones in your atlas? Maybe it's because the tiers of the maps have not been updated in ages - to fit the new atlas posibillities - bot simply does not reqognize the maps? Any devs wishes to comment on this?
  5. Hi Guys Sometime the bot runs fine for several hours and sometimes it makes 4 runs and then stops in town. I have no idea what could be causing this. Also my bot is setup to run maps - I have set it up to ignore reflect maps. Bot has 100 maps in stash right now and only one of them is a reflect map. However bot ignores all the maps and go directly to the secondary option; Blood Aqueduct. in this case bot runs 4 times then idles in town - which is quite annoying. What can I do? // J lastrun.log
  6. Jalockin

    Cassia support

    Hey Alk Any plans for making Cassia Support? Monoliths was supported quite fast in legion, so was hoping the same for Blight // J
  7. Jalockin

    Bot not working after update

    nevermind, after computer restart it was working again.
  8. I assume you are already working on this, but after the recent minor update - the bot is no longer working. // J
  9. Jalockin

    Monolith Splinters

    Hey Guys I noticed that the bot does not pick up splinters from the monolith mobs.... how do I add them to the PickIT? // J
  10. Was running the bot fine yesterday and this morning, but now when I come back from work I can't get the bot to start - after attaching the bot to a running service and pressing attach the window disappears and nothing happens. I've tried re-installing, restarting and nothing happens. // Jalockin lastrun.log
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