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  1. Cassia support

    Hey Alk Any plans for making Cassia Support? Monoliths was supported quite fast in legion, so was hoping the same for Blight // J
  2. Bot not working after update

    nevermind, after computer restart it was working again.
  3. I assume you are already working on this, but after the recent minor update - the bot is no longer working. // J
  4. Monolith Splinters

    Hey Guys I noticed that the bot does not pick up splinters from the monolith mobs.... how do I add them to the PickIT? // J
  5. Was running the bot fine yesterday and this morning, but now when I come back from work I can't get the bot to start - after attaching the bot to a running service and pressing attach the window disappears and nothing happens. I've tried re-installing, restarting and nothing happens. // Jalockin lastrun.log