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  1. shalira12

    It's updated?

    Seems Garena wasn't working and had an update.
  2. shalira12

    It's updated?

    not sure what you are asking to be updated. Bot is working, just doesn't do new league content or leveling, but great mapper.
  3. shalira12

    content league Expidition

    openly available to everyone, without effort? nope. private/closed group/self made? probably, hard to say
  4. shalira12

    Facebreakers broke the bot

    Should not be related to facebreakers, the error you get is from pickit file. You sure you didn't change other things, like your build and skills, maybe swapped 2 aura's around or somthing, when equiping facebreakers?
  5. shalira12

    Bot Party Mode

    Nope, solo play. Pretty sure there are other tools that make this possible, but why?
  6. shalira12

    content league Expidition

    not gonna happen with this bot
  7. shalira12

    Enduring cry

    Can already do that. Under flasks, add a new, with the button of the skill, and the life range. (Goes both ways, using DPS buff flasks as skills for rare/uniques) Bot doesn't know what a skill or flask is, just presses a button on a condition.
  8. shalira12

    bot goes to hideout mid battle

    Edit lootfilter to pick up less crap. Can't remember last time my bot had to use 2 portals because it's inventory was full.
  9. shalira12

    bot doesn't alchemy map

    [Rarity] == "Normal" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" Bot will never touch normal maps, so no way it can alch them.
  10. shalira12

    add a feature for trading

    This is a farm/grind bot, not a trade bot. An option like this will not be made any time soon, if every, just because it's not what the bot is made for.
  11. shalira12

    RfE: Lower "Open Strongbox" Priority

    Guess on the pickit tab, where you enable strongbox, you can reduce the chest range as well. Though it might skip some strongboxes.
  12. 1) There's not a lot know about Abyssal Depths. You can expect it's a special zone (like vaal area's), but it might be something like breachlords spawning in breaches, and disappear again as soon as the breach closes, so time based. So it might not even be possible to put an alert out. Since we also don't know about the rarity (can there be more than 1 each map? or it is 1 every 10 maps?) you might not even want the bot to pause and send an alert, since you'll have a lot of downtime. 2) But on average, important league mechanics got implemented pretty fast. So if it's needed, I'm pretty sure support to do abyssal depths will be implemented. Another reason why I don't see the need for alerts. 3) Pickits are personal. There is a pretty good default one, and jps and other people do a pretty good job maintaining it. It has also been setup with forcesell over the stashing method in the past: It will stash all non-rares unless you force it to sell, so even with the current one you should get all new uniques. As for rare items you'll have to write the rules yourself, bot should not need any changes to support it, you just need the correct names for base type and mods.
  13. shalira12

    Long time no play , but the bot not working anymore ?

    Change to dx9 in poe settings
  14. shalira12

    are you able to sustain a specific map?

    When playing manually, it's hard to sustain higher tier maps (like shaped spider forest) without sextants, good rolls on maps, and basically full clearing. So given the bot will not use sextants at all, mess up from time to time and only partially clear a map, upgrade to rare so probably not good rolls on dropped maps, you will probably not sustain it. If you are just farming for a doctor, it might actually be worth unshaping spider forest, removing all t6 from atlas, and run those.
  15. shalira12

    Long time no play , but the bot not working anymore ?

    I suggest reading guides on forums and discord. I guess you are running dx11 mode. Try dx9 or dx9ex.
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