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  1. Impuls

    How-To Exiledbot [AIO Guide] [2021]

    Github links are up to some projects I've been working on for our pickit and custom item filter to use for botting so your screen isn't so cluttered with items. Uniques have been updated and reworked. Div cards updated and changed in the handling now ignores bad cards to not waste time picking up. Full pickits have these in them already, But also some popular/profit cluster jewels to keep As with anything, Edit to your liking. These changes should be implemented in future releases by default.
  2. Impuls

    BOT will not attack totem !?

    Correct. AoE/chaining is best to deal with totems with allies cannot die. I'll talk to Alk about it tho.
  3. Impuls

    anyone able to run this ......

    1 skill spam build, and 2-3 aura's and you're good. Very simple to set up and run. Summoners take finesse.
  4. You're most likely using a filter that's hiding an item the bot is trying to pick up.
  5. Impuls

    I'm worried about the maps full of stash

    Map tab will get full from time to time especially with white maps. Map tier upgrade only works for maps tagged with [UpgradeMapTier] in .ipd found under // === 2 Map types - UpgradeTier. These will be sold in a quantity of 3 pcs. to get 1 of higher tier === includes // triggered doors - the bot can't open such doors and // bugged transitions/doors/layout (from time to time) Any map listed with [UpgradeMapTier] it will not run, so keep that in mind.
  6. Impuls

    Stash veiled items

    Oh, those were from my unid chaos recipe pickit. Just change [StashUnid] to [StashItem]
  7. Impuls

    Corrupted Unidentified Map

    Unfortunately there's no way currently for .ipd to see that a map is corrupt.
  8. Impuls

    Stash veiled items

    There is. We have [veiled_mod_type] I talked with someone before on this, and have this in my pickit for it If you want to pick up any, uncomment [remove the // ] for rares, unique may never drop but it's there just incase. If you want to target certain mods by item you got those as well. ////////// Veiled Rares farm // Any // [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Rarity] == "Unique" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // By item class // [Category] == "Helm" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Category] == "Chest" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Category] == "Amulet" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Category] == "Ring" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Category] == "Belt" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Category] == "Gloves" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Category] == "Boots" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Category] == "Weapon" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Category] == "1Handed" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Category] == "2Handed" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true" // [Category] == "Shield" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [veiled_mod_type] >= "1" && [StashUnid] == "true"
  9. Impuls

    bot wont run maps

    Well, it's not an issue anyone else is having. At least not if you have everything set up correctly. Check // Tiers to run (difficult to use since one map can have up to four tiers) or // Limiting maps' tier to 6 to keep us within Chaos recipe zone Depending on what map.ipd you're using. You're either trying to run maps outside of your tier's listed here. Or check the maps you have and make sure they're not being ignored by your map.ipd because some maps are just bad to run.
  10. Impuls


    🤣 Kid probably got phished by some shotty "PoEhack" Nice try, but wasn't us. Bot doesn't even require your password or it to be running before you log in. Get better passwords and stop downloading bs. You messed up, simple. Vent that angst, but you're in no position you blame anyone but yourself. Let it all out big guy on internet, find that someone via IP. kek
  11. Impuls

    upgradet map device??

    With 5 slot map device you'll have to manually edit coordinates.ini for the new locations for map device.
  12. Impuls

    bot stop working ?

    GGG implemented hotfix. offsets have been updated restart bots and you're good
  13. Impuls

    How-To Exiledbot [AIO Guide] [2021]

    --nopatch guide for Normal and workaround for Steam added Usually only takes Alk a day to update these little patches so remember to check if this has been updated and update your PoE's.
  14. Impuls

    How-To Exiledbot [AIO Guide] [2021]

    🥳 Precursor to FB build section is updated. PoB with leveling unique setup/endgame and various rings that are common setups included. As with PoE and builds in it. Drops/trade rares will determine how you build.
  15. Impuls

    atc runner

    Progression. It'll only clear Act 1 - 4 as Act 5+ have since changed since this test function.
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