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  1. o_o so what would be an optimal chicken range? If i keep it to close its not detecting it at all, if i keep it too far its chickening and resetting the map....
  2. List of what range and names work for you. Thanks
  3. XonHondo

    Bot Not Re-Rolling already Magic map mods

    Cool , Got it. will try this
  4. XonHondo

    Bot Not Re-Rolling already Magic map mods

    If a map is already magic with bad mod, bot will not reroll the mods. It only reroll's if it is a white map at the start
  5. If a map is magic with bad mods its not re-rolling the map before running it.
  6. I've been doing that... Still trying to figure out what it is trying to do at that position... Because it happens randomly... And the other times it access the the things normally... A more verbose log would be helpful..
  7. XonHondo

    the exiledbot is not popping up for me.

    Are you running both the process and eb as administrator ?
  8. XonHondo

    0.56m Bot not upgrading maps to Magic

    Should work if orbs are in same stash tab.
  9. I understand that its that point on the screen. What happens is Bot tries to enter the hideout and then tries to get to that position on the screen which again opens the waypoint window and then it goes back into town.... Then it goes back into the hideout again. What i don't understand is what is triggering it and where those coordinates are defined... a grep of all the configuration files didnt yield these coordinates.
  10. always bugging out at this.... what is it? Can any one tell me? where is it defined and how to disable it...
  11. Is there one for list of boss monsters to avoid? I've been having issues with the exile bot not detecting the unique map boss to chicken on. I am not sure why this is happening I have the names set in new line for each unique boss per map. Also how do i set the map cleared flag after chicken on sight of boss. Thing is , it works for some bosses but not the others on the list. I have written the names of the bosses correctly. I got the names copy paste form the game wiki website.
  12. Its just treating it as regular monster and not getting the name in the log for chicken on sight.
  13. XonHondo

    Bug-List so far

    Some of the bugs you have listed , there are workarounds for this in place for example 1. Iframes targeting , use kiting like ranged characters do and keep getting closer to the target ... this makes it even more complex for spark because its random projectiles .. i see no other option to trigger the monsters stuck in iframes to come out rylu93 use lootfilter , enable alt+click to pick up objects.
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