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  1. walkingdead

    bot working?

    Last game update was on wednesday (18th) - 3.0.2b and last bot 0.72h is from monday (16th) Bot stopped working then for me on wednesday, too. Could you elaborate, how those offsets work between poe and exiled bot?
  2. walkingdead

    Bot won't recast RF when mobs are around portal

    thx, will try that.
  3. Greetings, sometimes my bot leaves map while there are mobs close by. Upon returning to said map, instead of activating RF the bot ferociously cyclones into the mobs. It will take ages to kill the monsters this way, as he has app. 1k dps on his mace compared to 140k dot on his RF. I tried to set the priority of RF up like any other, but that didn't change anything. Am i doing something wrong or is it just the way the bot handles this situation. If the latter, then it might be worth considering to put "Always recast buff" into the normal priority list. Side question: Can I setup 2 or more different skill-settings for the same skill on the same button? for example regarding RF Setting A: "Always recast buff" Setting B: Priority X (highest) (without recast to ensure that the bot will cast it first before doing anything else)
  4. walkingdead

    Skill Config For Ancestral Totem

    You do understand that you need to supply more information about what your intentions are with ACW. Lets start simple: Dual totem with Ancestral Bond or single support to boots/assist your main skill?
  5. walkingdead

    Add Range to pickit

    Hello, my suggestion today is a [Range] value for the pickit list. Just like the function behind the range for scroll pickup. [Type] == "Orb of Transmutation" && [Range] <= "10" # [StashItem] == "true" //picks up transmutes shorter than 10 away [Type] == "Orb of Fusing" && [Range] <= "30" # [StashItem] == "true" // picks up fusings than 30 away [Type] == "Exalted Orb" # [StashItem] == "true" // picks up all exalts regardless of distance Then we could configure the bot to pickup low and mid value currency when it drops close enough instead of just saying yes or no to certain orbs.
  6. walkingdead

    Bot stuck in Boss Room

    So... I changed my idle setting to 300sec. And that doesn't change anything. In fact, that setting seems to have nothing to do with the bot stopping to fight bosses and trying to leave the boss room.
  7. walkingdead

    Bot stucks if no wisdom scrolls left

    the option I go for early in league, when my own currency is low, is to sell transmutes/whetstones/scraps for scroll and store several hundred in 1 suitable stashtab. even with pick up the bot will eventually run dry of wisdoms when you let your bot pick up lots of rares to sell them for alt shards later on, a more economic way would be to buy scrolls and spare the time to pickup all the named currency and spare lots of time to kill mobs.
  8. walkingdead

    Bot stuck in Boss Room

    Hello, I encountered the following situation in several maps now. While fighting the boss in a separate room, the bot after some time stops fighting the boss and searches for an exit. As boss rooms are locked down (Mesa, Villa, Phantasma and such) the bot gets stuck. And even when the boss jumps my bot, the bot will not take up the fight again. Is that a feature to avoid endless fights? If yes, where can I change the duration? Or is it, because my fight takes longer than the Idle-setting in map-tab? I would consider fighting the boss not as "idle"... I run RF/SR with cyclone+LGOH, 7K life atm and missing enchants+essence-item. So yeah, my bot is not the greatest at killing bosses and yes, I could skip them. But why, as they can't kill him, when he fights.
  9. walkingdead

    Bot Help with pickit

    If you want to pick up... ALL gems: go to the pickit-tab and set quality of gems to pick to 0 only want selected gems: open the pickit-file: remove the // in front of any gem you'd like to have picked up quality gems: go to the pickit-tab and set quality of gems to pick to the value you want.
  10. walkingdead

    how to configure Righteous fire please

    "Always recast buff" option is the thing you are looking for. activate it for your RF-Button and you are fine. Nothing else should be needed for that skill.
  11. walkingdead

    SOLVED - Bot ignoring cooldown?

    I just feel very very embarassed of myself as I just realized that I have the ACW on right_mouse, too. So no wonder the bot starts spamming totems like hell with the cooldown 0 on that slot. Bot works very fine, has been doing what he is supposed to do for 10min now and is happily slaying everything in its path.
  12. walkingdead

    SOLVED - Bot ignoring cooldown?

    Hello, when letting my bot run Dried Lake for testing purposes, I noticed that it keeps spamming totems. It activates the aura/herald correctly and starts to move. As soon as the first mobs appear, it starts summoning totems and never stops (ignores cooldown?). I played around a bit with different settings for Kiting and skill cooldown. I seem to have a bigger misunderstanding how that should work. Even on Kiting 2000 cooldown 6000, the bot starts to spam totems when mobs are right on top of him. Apparently, my bot can cast totems so fast that they never have a chanc to deal a single blow. Is there any other case, why a bot would summon the totem even before the cooldown is over? (Don't bother with the long cooldown in the picture. I checked if there might be a change in scale (read 10000=1Sec instead of 1000=1sec) - wasn't the case.)
  13. walkingdead

    whats wrong with this bot???

    not that it should matter much: change the field for Stash tabs: to 1,2,3,4,5,6
  14. walkingdead

    Map Profile

    serious question, xstorm: "are you bad at english or bad at understanding code-lines? In the map file is included a sufficient explanation how to configure it. Just start the bot, go to the map-tab. enable Map in the lower part and click on manage, then open. Voila - you found the map file.
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