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  1. Bot beta

    Hi, i was thinking... when u gonna finish the beta version of the bot, Thanks.
  2. Hi, im selling this account. Gonna attach some captures. Image 1: Currency and QUILL RAIN 6 LINKED WITH CULLING STRIKE VALL! MAPS Fragments! MICRO! Quill rain WORTH 50-80 EXALTED ORB ! Infernal mantle 6l Let me know ur offers! I can accept 75 u$s
  3. Just been banned on 2 accounts

    24/7 here too... strange..
  4. The account have this micros too. My price is $50 usd. PM if u are interested
  5. Hi, i want to sell this account! Lvl 92 scion with all of this (check photos) if u want, let me offers! Thanks