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  1. Hi everyone. Im using windows 10 and my bot keeps on auto shut down. Does any one having the same issue?
  2. Hello

    You can almost setting everything that you mentioned
  3. Looting item by pressing key F

    Alright. Thanks for the help admin
  4. Bot v0.54i mapping does not work

    From my experience I've been using map profile from the older version. It doesn't affect my mapping and I don't have to edit them whenever new bot release. You can try download the previous version bot and just cut the map folder to the latest version. Hope it helps
  5. Looting item by pressing key F

    How may I setting bot to loot item by using key F. Because ALT always stuck when the bot open portal or the item will lost it tracks when too many items drops. Need serious help about this, thank you
  6. Can anyone teach me the config for this?
  7. Map does not run

    Thanks by the way. I got it settled when I just use version B mapkit
  8. Map does not run

    I put all the maps in one stash tab, but setting still 1,2,3,4... The reaction of the bot were viewing those 4 stash but ignore the map...
  9. Map does not run

    I've setting the in the map config by running tier >1 [RunMap] < tier 6. But why does it not running underground sea, cove, villa, bog, pier? Can anyone help me?
  10. [Guide] Bot not appearing after hiding it in a process?

    Usually the task manager still detect your software. So end process of it so that it can start again.
  11. Resist element damage monster

    It's ok. I fixed it through using the skill without delay. I guess it's my config problem. Sorry for spamming.
  12. Bot become dull whenever he facing resist element damage monster, can anyone help me? Thanks
  13. Setting Bot using Granite Flask & Reflex Flask

    Thanks for help. Fixed
  14. Can someone teach me how to setting bot using these flask in config? I find them not using it since latest update.... Much appreciate your help
  15. Stashing Rare Ring, Amulet, Belts

    Thanks dude. It helps. +1 Like