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  1. ffbombe

    Stash veiled items

    thanks will try that
  2. ffbombe

    Stash veiled items

    now i got the problem that the bot sells all rares unid
  3. Hi guys i have a question there was somone that posted how you can stash veiled items so you can later unlock the crafts can anyone explain what i should add on the pickit so the bot does it thanks
  4. ffbombe

    [Guide] Craft with alteration spam to profit

    thanks for that but 300 alts are like 1.5 ex still worth it?
  5. haha 20$ no one would do it for that add 2 00 then maybe
  6. ffbombe

    Best way to transfer exalts between accounts currently?

    just buy items that are worth alot like a 30 ex watchers eye and trade it for 20 chaos with your other account
  7. ffbombe

    How-To Exiledbot [AIO Guide] [2021]

    thanks rly good for newbies
  8. ffbombe


    and how many did you got already ? and till what level can uber hillock spawn?
  9. hey i wanted to say i have the issue i have the upgraded map device so i can put 5 items on the map device but the bot cant seem to work with it is there any solution for that? or can i get the old device back with just the 4?
  10. yeah but not for poe if you know the other bots then just buy them
  11. ffbombe

    New here!

    1: 100% its just is a question when they can detect the bot anyway so your best dont bot on main and sell your currency 2 yes they ban all hwid and ip assciated 3 normal melee build sunder and such no auramancer or such channel skills. 4. depends on your luck and pickit i would say 10-140 chaos you can make each day
  12. ffbombe

    Do new accounts need VPN?

    they ban ip and hwid so take care
  13. ffbombe

    Is the bot good for summoner builds?

    how can you set up that the bot works good with blade vortex its like you go to mob then cast and then to the next and stands there the good thing on blade vortex is that you can cast and then run trough the map
  14. ffbombe

    dosnt do tier 6+ maps

    what do you mean tier numbers so like iceberg is in t4 and t10 where should i put it in t4 or t10 ?
  15. Hi i have a issue the bot always stashes essences i put even in the line that the bot should sell it. Or is there anything i can do that the bot dont even pick those up
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