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  1. CoecoengoeK

    WTB Accounts

    which server bro ? and pm me the offer
  2. CoecoengoeK


    Hola guys, for the one whos playing archeage, i would to ask about selling gold archeage and for the safe of the account if i want to sell the gold via auction/market how much max the ammount of the gold ? i'am affraid if stright sale all the gold it will leads the account to banned, or if u guys have other methode pls tell me Thanks
  3. CoecoengoeK

    Best Cpu For Botting? RAM ?

    for comparison only, i'am used a x4 860k and used a 8gb of ram and it can handle to 4 bot, so imho 32gb of ram is more than enaugh to handle 8+ bot and i prefer the amd proc
  4. CoecoengoeK

    bot keeps crashing

    u're free version work ?
  5. Nothing to see here, huss huss :)

  6. Thanks for the reply and info immo, will try for sure
  7. Hi... Wanna ask, bcs i never used this kind of tools, is using this or other trade spam are safe ?
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