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  1. rfdewsz1

    i want to join the slack chat

    someone please invite me to the slack chat, i have two years in this forum and i am a beta tester
  2. my stash gets full of maps, the way i controll it is reducing the map tiers and map names that the bot pick up. i have also have to enable and disable augmentation and transmutation pick up to prevent the bot to full the stash with them or get out of that currency used to craft magic maps. setting a max of 40 maps, augmentation and transmutation orbs in stash will be really helpfull.
  3. rfdewsz1

    Progression stop working at the quest "lost in love"

    man up and loot by yourself zelda... the whole idea behind use a bot its not to do shit by yourself
  4. my bot crash if progression its enabled right when the bot pick tolman's brasalet when you kill piety at the crematorium, after that the keep crashing if progression its enabled, progression cotinue to work at the start of the first act of the next dificulty. i tried the bot every time i finish a quest after "lost in love" but the progression still not work bot version : 0.66f Vanilla Hideout off map off smart pikit yes i dont have the last run sorry
  5. rfdewsz1


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