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  1. Pickit Setup

    Nice of you to share ! Out of curiosity what sections were updated? The rares? I see the card section was altered some.
  2. Bot stop working after x times

    same issue here.
  3. Updated pickit

    this is SUPER useful. thanks!!!
  4. [Guide] Ranged attacks setup

    Tried this and its working better than expectted - i use totems so a little more distance is my style, i doubled about every non-zero value for a little mroe distance, works great
  5. Issue selling items (bot hangs/locks)

    It worked Thank you for the suggestion. I didnt see the line in my system ini. I threw it near the top with a 350 ms cd, i believe it fixed it. or a combination of upgrading to .50c, not sure (i had the bug in prior up to date version though) thanks!! Edit: Stef - it was an issue either way. I could get to the sell button no problem, adjusting the coords, etc. It was the process of moving items into the vendor box. Works now though thanks
  6. Issue selling items (bot hangs/locks)

    Yeah unfortunately this is what i have done Pretty lame. I'm just curious if anybody else has the problem or if this is a known bug...I havent come across this issue before.
  7. [Guide] Ranged attacks setup

    If i use this set-up will my bot be getting up close to mobs to attack first, then it will kite away? at work cant test currently, just curious
  8. Hi guys, I really like this bot, it runs quite well when its going smooth, ive ironed out a lot of kinks and tweaked alot of setting but it is pretty great and there is alot of customizability if you put the effort in...With that being said, there's a bug that's come up for me since .50B and on to .50C I cant fix. I've searched the forums and cant figure it out. Basically if it ever goes to sell an item to the npc, i have no problem getting the right coordinates. Its that once the window opens and it goes to put the first item into the npc selling box, the bot just "hangs' and gets stuck. It will successfully put the first item it goes to my from inventory, into the npc box, then doesnt move from there. I realized its actually "stuck" using the CTRL key down, as i have to spam it and a bunch a keys to stop my PC from control-commanding everything. Any ideas? Last thing in run log is "selling item..." with nothing after. Also i dont use mana flasks or have any. i use blood magic lol. I'm pretty tech savvy so just tell me what I have to do and if there are any changes I need to make to the configs. Thanks guys