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  1. what is your rate for 1 ex and 1 mirror?
  2. and if you let your bot bot with 30 ex eq gl so i guess you are botting on your main account
  3. wahts


    on which leauge do you sell mirror too?
  4. wahts

    Bot usage every day

    save is not botting at all. You have to look at some factors how old account and such things playtime in total. If that account played last leauge 5 hours in the week now its playing 100 hours a week that makes no sense = BAN If you want a bit better chances to stay good just bot 3 hours a day and gradully increase. If you Bot 20 hours a day you will get sometimes a currency ban i have like 20 accounts that i rotate trough the day so i can bot 24/7
  5. wahts

    Farming Oni-Goroshi With Bot ?

    just let the bot switch profiles and you are good
  6. wahts

    Quad and Currency Stash support

    yes but atm quad stash tab isnt supported he always get stuck with it.
  7. wahts

    Vmware Font Error-Bot Currency problem.

    and your currency drop 80 chaos +1k from both would be 3,5ex so you should be happy
  8. so you didnt even test those builds on the bot? onigoroshi is ok. Those bladefurry builds are not so good clear speed wise and the bot cant handle the skill properly
  9. wahts

    improved stuck detection - dying~!

    cyclone in genaral is not a good bot skill
  10. wahts

    some maps bugged?

    yeah he wont run some shaped and wont go in the chamber at burial chambers there are 80% of the mobs
  11. wahts

    add a feature for trading

    yes no sense just do the trades when you are there. So much work better add shaped and elder items detection
  12. wahts

    Abyss features

    yeah but that would be still nice huge money income if they add shaped items
  13. wahts

    Abyss features

    that would be great ^^
  14. wahts

    Bot not working

    dx 9 issue
  15. wahts

    map tab support

    Would it be possible to add the new map tab so the bot can handel it?
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