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  1. kurawat37

    Cant running bot

    bot cant opening. What do I need to download any program for bot ? I cant find the topic.
  2. kurawat37

    Need help , some problem about bot

    First , bot alway swap equipment to second slot when farming about 30-40 min Second , bot does not attack the unique monster (boss map) ps. My build facebraker Earthshatter
  3. kurawat37

    Bot not attack boss map

    Wow that work That mean we need to place attack skill on left mouse too (not need to setting button) and then its work. unbeliveable but I always set the bot like this (in my clip) and just found the problem in last 2 patch. Thanks!!!
  4. kurawat37

    Bot not attack boss map

    same result
  5. kurawat37

    Bot not attack boss map

    No one can help ??
  6. first clip. Bot work everything fine Second. My bot always ignore to attack boss map (every map) I never had change anything in log. Ps really need help. My bot always die and waste time to restruc.
  7. kurawat37

    Bot just stopped working?

    I have problem too. Bot doesn't attack unique boss map.
  8. I always use the bot. I have never encountered this problem before. BOT CANT ENABLE DELIRIUM TOO really need helppp
  9. i always use bot. last couple day my bot doesn't kill unique boss in the map. pls helppp....
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