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  1. spazman6117

    Trade bot?

    Can you make ExiledBot be also a trade bot. All of the current TradeBots are stupid prices
  2. spazman6117

    I got a stash problem. Can it be solves without a bot update???

    Yes the bot had scrolls
  3. Hey guys and girls. The bot is running fine when it comes to running around the coast atm but when it gets back to the town, it opens up the stash and it just stays there. It's not placing the rares and currency into the stash. Can anyone give me some tips on why it's doing this please. Does it have anything to do with the game being updated and the bot not being updated or am I missing something?
  4. spazman6117

    I want my update now!

    You do realize that you just posted in a post that was last posted in back in 2018 right????? Dont bring up old posts. Make a new post.
  5. spazman6117

    PoE crashing at startup

    So VMware is most likely better than VirtualBox i am assuming. VB just gives me so may errors.
  6. spazman6117

    PoE crashing at startup

    bump......... Has anyone got this same problem?
  7. spazman6117

    PoE crashing at startup

    I am trying to open path of exile within VirtualBox and when poe loads, it gets to the login screen but then once there, it instantly crashes. EDIT: The error message says this
  8. spazman6117

    You can now have 2 Golems as Elementalist

    Just set up 2 skill buttons, put both golems into say R and T and then in the bot set up to use R and T as golems
  9. spazman6117

    Stuck on selling item

    The bot doesnt need NPC settings enabled. The bot will search for the sell button itself and many of the issues this bot has, is due to latency/Ping. If you are using a VPN , make sure that VPN ping is very minimal. because lagging can cause the bot to do alot of things it shouldnt be doing. The bot works on an auto system where timers come into play. And if something isnt open, say for instance, the menu where the sell button is, then when the bot looks for the sell button, it cannot click on the sell button because it is not there Another example, - Bot clicks on NPC - Bot waits for list to show from NPC (I dont know exactly how long it waits, maybe 2seconds) - Bot then clicks on sell button If you are lagging, sometimes it will take up to 5seconds for list to even show up. So the bot cannot click on sell button because instead of waiting for list to show up, it just waits 2seconds and tries to find sell button that is not showing up yet
  10. spazman6117

    Need help setting bot up

    It's ok now. I finally sorted it out. It still sometimes bugs out and walks back and forth. Normal game client and i use molten strike. How come it never came with a pause button?
  11. spazman6117

    Need help setting bot up

    Ok, so first off the bot just starts fkin attacking mobs from 2 million miles away from the actual monster and then when the monster does finally reach the character, the bot just crashes. Now i changed left mouse button to just move and not attack and now the bot doesnt actually search for monsters anymore. Now it just walks to the right 5 steps then steps, walks to the right 5 steps then steps, walks to the right 5 steps then steps...over and over and over. Even if he's getting attacked, he just walks to the right 5 steps then steps, walks to the right 5 steps then steps. This is starting to really do my head in xD I cant set this stupid thing up at all. nothing is working. Someone please help me
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