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  1. Cassia support

    cuz to much work i think loll
  2. Help with auto flask only

    i think noting work for now need bot update after new patch
  3. bot doesnt work

    ok now bot work for me juste remove old starter bot and put new one and start it this work for me whit steam version
  4. bot doesnt work

    yes me to dont work i have test and need update
  5. bot doesnt work

    update game and restart pc
  6. banned

    well all good for me try to not bot all chars on same ip and dont run 24/7
  7. Pickit Problem with gems

    i got this probleme whit scarab pickit line in pickit you need to remove scarab line in pickit if you got it
  8. add this in yours pickit file [Type] == "Timeless Templar Splinter" # [StashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Timeless Eternal Empire Splinter" # [StashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Timeless Maraketh Splinter" # [StashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Timeless Karui Splinter" # [StashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Timeless Vaal Splinter" # [StashItem] == "true"
  9. add skill option

    can you add option for skill exemple only cast skill if life are below % ?
  10. Movement skill with channeling

    go in skill config and check maintain pressed key on skill https://imgur.com/ocJaDZr it my setting for my cyclone also i think i gona post my cyclone skill config soon
  11. bot dont work anymore ???

    aaa yes work now after restart pc loll my bad
  12. bot dont work anymore ???

    yes realy loll
  13. today i got update and bot dont work anymore after that ..... all have same probleme or work for you now ?
  14. Character stuck

    bot dont work whit steam version atm you need to use normal version
  15. cant you update bot plz thx