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  1. add skill option

    can you add option for skill exemple only cast skill if life are below % ?
  2. Movement skill with channeling

    go in skill config and check maintain pressed key on skill https://imgur.com/ocJaDZr it my setting for my cyclone also i think i gona post my cyclone skill config soon
  3. bot dont work anymore ???

    aaa yes work now after restart pc loll my bad
  4. bot dont work anymore ???

    yes realy loll
  5. today i got update and bot dont work anymore after that ..... all have same probleme or work for you now ?
  6. Character stuck

    bot dont work whit steam version atm you need to use normal version
  7. cant you update bot plz thx 

  8. good same probleme here bot go to right after start it also i have start it from start lvl 1and noting happen thx to help