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  1. join our discord! many other users you can ask
  2. https://poetradebot.com/
  3. Vmware 15, win 7 lite iso, 1core (3ghz), 3gb ram You can join the discord and go to #bot-help channel and type ?poetradebot for automated help topics
  4. exactly what I'm saying
  5. "a lot of bots have this" please point me to a bot that does this.
  6. NEW FEATURES: Currency tab selling is enabled (see video in OP) BLACKOUT particle remover (for VM users and is compatible with the bot)
  7. it will soon have the ability to sell currency (from currency tab) in the price of chaos alchs or exalts i have beta ready in testing, release in a few days
  8. Well, the bot doesn't use memory injection or reading It reads logs and images on the scree and automates the mouse and keyboard So I'd say detection is pretty low. So far no one has reported a ban in the discord
  9. it validates item name and price. you can change the coordinates and price all you want, the bot will not sell it unless the premium stash matches the whisper Also, this bot solves an issue most users have. Everyone has valuable items but lose interest in sitting in their hideout waiting for a whisper. There is a whole other market outside of your own timezone, so while you're asleep those are missed opportunities to sell your items. This bot will do the work for you while you sleep. It's also compatible for usage on VM so you can free-up your keyboard/mouse.
  10. Yes that's right. Paypal will generate your key (invoice ID) for my bot. You will then use that key to activate my bot. All payments are handled through paypal.
  11. POETRADEBOT Sell from Premium Stash Tab(s) and Currency Tab Has the following constraints (at the moment): 12x12 premium stash only Most currency buy options available except: Mirror, Mirror shard, Crusader/Hunger/Redeemer/Warlord Exalts Whole numbers as prices (eg. cannot handle 1.5 exa) Single items only (no stacks) English Client only 1 computer access per session $2.00 - 2 day trial$6 - 1 month access$15 - 3 month access Updates: Jan 2020: Added AUTOPRICER (used to automatically price maps, incubators, prophecies, etc...) Februrary 2020: Added Multi-stash support March 2020: Magic base crafter (A Path of Exile crafting bot feature) April 2020: Currency Flipping + Trade smoother (particle remover) June 2020: Added FOLLOWBOT + AUTOLOOTING (have bot follow your main!) Buy Access Here: https://poetradebot.com DISCORD channel invite code: https://discord.gg/RCwstka Here's the bot in action: Currency Flipping: Particle remover: Follow bot + AutoLoot:
  12. Just wanted to give a quick showcaseIt's still a work in progress... Rings only...for now... Only does AUG/ALT Magic Items Only does Tier 1 stats Does not consider light radius Bugged on leeched as mana or life stats
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