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    a few questions

    Answered on slack. 1. Yes, stop bot on one acc, start bot on the other acc. 2. No, probably will get both banned. 3. No need to 'transfer' licence, bot licence isn't bound to a game acc. It's bound to your exiled bot forum acc which you used to buy the bot key. 4. No it can't. There are no scripts. It has to be babied early on, it can't do certain acts, and highly likely you'll get banned if you try bot from 1 to 80. Do it mostly manually or buy a powerlevel. Closed
  2. auronini

    v.064RC (and 0.63e) stuck on edges

    I made a temporary fix: https://exiled-bot.net/community/index.php/topic/7959-bot-stuck-fix-guide/
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  5. auronini

    v.064RC (and 0.63e) stuck on edges

    still same problem with latest version. Bot getting stuck on certain edges/corners. stops being stuck exactly when frenzy charges have expired. any fix?
  6. auronini

    Unified Help Docs

    Very english, much online translator. All joking aside though, good idea to have a single thread that puts links to all useful posts by category. I've had a problem before and had to look for a while across the forum to find that someone had mentioned a fix in the body of some random thread.
  7. auronini

    Why does bot scroll through tabs before selling

    it doesn't check chaos recipe, it sells stuff first and then does chaos recipe stuff afterwards. The first check of the stash tab doesn't ever serve any purpose. It already knows what it needs for chaos recipe during the map, it doesn't need to check again once it's picked up items for it.
  8. Just wanted to know if anyone else gets this and why it does it? after using a tp from a map to hideout, bot opens stash, scrolls through the tabs, then goes to sell the items. It doesnt need to scroll through the tabs first, it doesnt achieve anything...
  9. auronini

    v.064RC (and 0.63e) stuck on edges

    I am using: Bot Version: 0.64rc and also happened on 0.63e Poe Version: Vanilla Hideout on: Yes Zana in HO: Yes Map Enabled: Yes Smart Pickit: Yes Bot gets stuck on edges of walls when moving around map quite often. on Oasis map it got stuck moving around the lake in the middle, just kept clicking but couldnt move. another one i noticed is on sewer map it gets stuck trying to move around one of the bends sometimes. Also happens A LOT on beach map. don't run that map anymore because of that and because on beach map it tries to attack monster the other side of the wall
  10. auronini

    Map AI

    I agree the map efficiency should be the area focused on. Rather than doing all the maps at once, it would be good to start with the maps which are good to farm but the bot doesn't run them well. Because a lot of maps run ok. Example of the types of maps which need specific AI is strand map: good straightforward layout but bot needs to just run one direction kill the boss then new map, rather than go back on itself
  11. +1 However, there is kind of a solution for some builds. It's not great but i've died a lot less with one build First go into your bot folder and go to configuration > default > system Then here scroll down to 'set here the delay in ms to wait before looting an item' and change it to something like 110-140. This makes it quick to pick up items and i find it doesnt often pick up junk with it set this fast either. Could try lower if you want. The second part is character specific: you need high damage and fast movement speed. I one or two shot everything with a split arrow, and have high movement speed so if the bombs appear i've killed everything quickly, moved to the loot, picked it up without delay, then left the area. With poison arrow build i was dying a lot from these bombs but with fast movement speed, quick kill, and the item pickup speed adjustment i dodge them 90% of the time
  12. auronini

    Temporary fix for bot holding CTRL

    Some people have been having issues with the bot holding down CTRL continuously, meaning it won't enter boss areas. Temporary fix i came up with is an autohotkey script as follows: #ifwinactive Path of Exile { lcontrol:: sleep, 1000 return } Download autohotkey, create a new text document, paste the text above into it, save it, then right click it and select to run with autohotkey. Note: when you want to hold ctrl yourself when moving items you'll need to use rightcontrol because it causes leftcontrol to be unpressed after 1 second I think this might be happening due to using the autopot program instead of exiledbot's autopot, another possible fix is to try right click on the autopot in the system tray (bottom right of screen) and click 'suspend hotkeys'
  13. what is it you're trying to automate exactly?
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