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  1. Running state priority: 36

    How do you run bot without purchasing a license?
  2. I have a question

    You get it immediately. Check your purchases tab.
  3. Yoy have not met all requirements or you should reinstall your stuff.
  4. Help!!!!

    Something wrong with your skills setup, with buffs probably. Redownload bot and set it up from scratch, trying to make as little changes as possible, then run it and see if this happens again.
  5. Randomize time between clicks

    As far as I know delays between all clicks are already randomized, but you won't notice difference between 180 and 210 ms for example.

    Download is available only for subscribed users.
  7. Randomize time between clicks

    Why do you think there's no such kind of randomization?
  8. Guys, latest bot version should be good. Make sure your settings are correct.
  9. progression

    Don't rely on progression, it's in early beta stage. This is maps farming bot.
  10. Please help me, I can't find the Exiled bot download link

    Ofc you should purchase it first.
  11. Оплатил бота

    Привет, напиши админу Alkpone в личку, указав номера транзакций.
  12. Нужен совет.

    Нельзя. Это бот для фарма.
  13. Привет!

    Вижу ты разбираешься в происходящем))

    Подскажи пожалуйста бот сейчас работает или нет?У меня чувак бежит наверх и все...тупо...

    Раньше давно ботил, нормально все было а щас чет тупит

    1. mitro



  14. directx 9

    Планируется, что бот будет нормально работать под х64 клиент.