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  1. SupZerg

    How to get warcries, buffs, vaal spells to work??

    Everything works absolutely fine. Just set some priority and cooldown. There's plenty of information on this forum btw.
  2. Алло, это онлайн игра. И при чем тут форум бота?
  3. SupZerg


    Увы, они слились воедино и забаговались. Страдаем
  4. SupZerg


    Отключите Breach в интерфейсе бота, проблема будет решена.
  5. SupZerg

    Enduring cry

    It works fine if you set it up just like any skill. Max range 35, priority > main skill and some cool down is all you need.
  6. SupZerg

    Bot not running maps

    In "Stash tabs" field you should list all stash tabs that bot uses: 2,3,4.
  7. SupZerg

    Bot not running maps

    Why wouldn't you actually attach a screenshot of your config?
  8. SupZerg

    Жатва семена

    Никак, боту нет особого смысла это делать.
  9. SupZerg

    Bot not running maps

    Probably your stash tabs settings are incorrect. And don't ignore normal maps.
  10. This can happen due to low fps or other kind of lag. Just add your items to pickit, so bot would stash them and not sell.
  11. SupZerg

    Bot not running maps

    Most likely your config is wrong.
  12. SupZerg

    can i also farm MAPS with this bot?

    Mapping is the main purpose of this bot.
  13. SupZerg

    there is a patch coming out

    Bot was updated server side long ago. Just restart it.
  14. SupZerg

    Stuckled on a abyss

    Disable it in config until it's fixed.
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