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  1. follow/helper

  2. runing 2 bots at same time

    You need 2 licenses.
  3. shift bug

    Just don't use always press shift option.
  4. Skills Pg 2 broken

    Nothing to fix. Just bind skills to other buttons.
  5. Concerns before purchasing

    Sure noone wants to answer the same questions every year every week when people don't bother to read guides.
  6. Concerns before purchasing

    This is not true. 1. There's plenty of information about bot configuration on forum. Learm how to use search. 2. Bot is great at running maps and is capable of bringing nice profit. ~2 minutes per map, 8-10 ex worth of currency per 24 hours (at 180c ex rate).
  7. Настройки + логи

    Progression использовать не нужно, это не реализованный функционал. Прохождение актов в целом не реализовано, можно пробовать в полуавтоматическом режиме. Квесты бот делать не будет, только пробегать локу и активировать wp. Лут фильтр естественно влияет на лутание, он должен соответствовать настройкам файла pickit.
  8. Alkpone are you alive?

    Bot is great at what it is designed to do - farming maps. Alk is alive, don't worry. Discord channel was banned multiple times by discord administration.
  9. Help

    Farming only.
  10. Aura bot??

    This a maps farming bot, it's not intended for different kinds of perversions.
  11. can chicken on animate wapon

    For now I suggest not to use rampage mechanics.
  12. Aura bot??

    No way.
  13. an unexpected disconnection occurred

    Perhaps you have chicken setup via tcp disconnect? Otherwise use winmtr to check your internet connectivity to game servers.
  14. an unexpected disconnection occurred

    Bot has nothing to do with that.