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  1. dynastyo

    bot is broken

    as everybody already said, it takes a little time on new leagues. alk is on it, in #nosleepmode
  2. dynastyo

    Setting up from scratch

    correct Questing not possible
  3. dynastyo

    Setting up from scratch

    progression is very old code, id advice not to use it, choose ur farming area to let him level and do the quests by hand. i know it would have been nicer to get another answer but thats how this bot works.
  4. dynastyo

    IPD Editor Bug

    i dont have that problem, it might be specific to your pc/setup. i simple solution would be to close the bot and edit the pickit ipd with notepad or notepad++, u can find the pickit in the pickit folder of your profile folder ("default" by default )
  5. dynastyo

    Bot Still Active

    its working
  6. dynastyo

    game wont support dx9 in 3.60 what happens then

    alk will work on dx11 version, dont worry.
  7. dynastyo

    POE doenst start in new VM

    join slack and ask for some dll fix to run poe in vm. u need to put some file somewhere. i dont bot anymore so i dont know the solution someone will give u a useful answer in slack, good luck
  8. dynastyo

    How to auto progression to blood aqua

    sadly not, best way is become c++ maniac, show alk ur skills, code it
  9. dynastyo

    The forums

    i feel big time of forums passed... many ppl use slack or discord instread of forums
  10. dynastyo

    exiled bot einstellen

    hast du poe in dx9 laufen?
  11. dynastyo

    tempted to buy the bot but few things are required

    Deine Träume sind Schäume
  12. dynastyo

    Discord only for paid users

    the only reason, we closed discord for public was the problem that we got banned for breaking discords ToS. sadly ppl still like to report our server so we decided to go to slack now. now finally, everybody is welcome again link is in slider on top of the forum.
  13. dynastyo

    Bot dont want to launch.

    u use dx9 version of poe?
  14. dynastyo

    Discord only for paid users

    as u mentioned in the title, discord is only for paid users, feel free to create a thread in forum with your questions.
  15. dynastyo

    Bot not working - DiscordLink not working

    found the dead discord invitation link my bad, its updated now
  16. dynastyo

    Bot not working - DiscordLink not working

    and the bot is also working fine, maybe u had a outdated version.
  17. dynastyo

    Bot not working - DiscordLink not working

    discord link in elite forum is working fine.
  18. dynastyo

    Discord invite not working

    im pretty sure the link still works
  19. dynastyo

    Bot selecting my items

    run your bot from hideout, town are insanely laggy and cause missclicks if u already in hideout and it still happnes, move ur map device, master and stash until it wont happen anymore
  20. dynastyo

    Bot doesnt upgrade maps to magic or rare

    maybe u didnt setup stashtab settings correct? bot takes currency to roll maps from defined "stash tabs" not from "currency tab" so basicly u need to set ur currency tab in "stash tabs" and in "currency tab"
  21. dynastyo

    Pickit Stash 0.74d

    stashitem > sellitem maybe thats the problem?
  22. dynastyo

    discord link problem?

    got a new channel already, link is in slider on top
  23. dynastyo

    Should i purchase the bot?

    most users are in discord, u can find the link in the big slider on top ob the website. the bot is working
  24. dynastyo

    Losing my equipped items.

    try to run the bot from hideout. the lag in town might cause the loss of items
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