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    0.53b bugs

    same here. tryed to manually walk the bot a few steps in dryed lake, but it still went back to town immediately
  2. PathOfBot

    0.51e pickit syntax bug

    Hey guys, i noticed some weird bug (i guess) regarding a combination of the pickit operators "&&" and "||". If u want an item to have the mods A and B or C you have to write it like this: # (B || C) && A that works fine. but if you use: # A && (B || C) it wont work as intended and the bot will stash any item with one of the mods A or B or B Example: I had the line: [Category] == "Gloves" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [base_maximum_life] >= "50" && ([attack_speed_+%] >= "10" || [attack_minimum_added_physical_damage] >= "5") and the bot stashed gloves with 11% IAS but without any life I tryed [Category] == "Gloves" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # ([attack_speed_+%] >= "10" || [attack_minimum_added_physical_damage] >= "5") && [base_maximum_life] >= "50" and it worked fine. Any ideas or is is really just a bug?
  3. PathOfBot

    Bot entering portals by accident

    Hey all, i have the following problem occuring for quite some time now. The bot runs a map, got its inventory full, sells stuff in town, reenters the map and then this happens: The bot tries to get to "Point A" but accidently walks into the portal, is sent back to the ethernal laboratory, reenters the maps... and than it cycles till all portals are gone. Anyone got an idea or is there no solution yet? Version used is 18c, but had this problem already in earlier states of the bot. Also not beeing able to pick up loot when there are too many drops is still a big problem - but this bug is known already Greetings
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