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  1. ok fair to say I don't read very well... thanks on above!!!
  2. anyone else suddenly getting aobscan fail: Pattern not found error and then 'baseMgrPtr not found with AoBScan, scropt will now terminate.
  3. SinderBot

    Hope can solve the main mission!

    +1 for auto quest.. its not laziness I just have done the quests 20 times already.. boring now
  4. Hi, I have tried all the combination I can think of but have been unable to get the character to move only with Lightning Warp, is this possible? The hold shift while moving doesn't seem to work in either the main options or at skill level. Thanks, Jade
  5. SinderBot


    Sorry if I am being stupid here but my guy doesn't sell the whites he picks up so I can only use the bot an hour or so before I run out of room and it gets confuse, what can I do? Thanks in advance.. be gentle if something obvious
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