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    Slack invite

    Hi everyone. The community has been moved to slack. Can i have the invite? I have lifetime bot pass.
  2. Same issue here. I use win10 and installed all mandatory programs as guides ask for. I can run in normal mode, but this is not a good idea. Someone can help?
  3. i guyz. I want to get normal o magic gold ring or amulet to craft MF ring/amulet. I readed the programming commands and i thought in this syntax: [Type] == "Gold Ring" && ([Rarity] == "magic" || "white") && [stashItem] == "true" My question is: Can i make only one syntax to white and magic gold ring pick up and dont need to do it twice? like this: [Type] == "Gold Ring" && [Rarity] == "magic" && [stashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Gold Ring" && [Rarity] == "white" && [stashItem] == "true" Is this right? ([Rarity] == "magic" || "white") thx and sry for bad english.
  4. jeanpaim

    Bot dont talk/sell vendor!

    I figured out the problem. EB version 0.15i are bugged. I just downloaded a previus version and replace default.ipd. Works like a charm. Sry for bad english, isnt my natural lenguage.
  5. jeanpaim

    Bot dont talk/sell vendor!

    Well, i gonna try to do a better explain. I running POE on window mode 800X600. I tried this others windows resolutions, but still the same. I think that my problem rite now isnt coordenate issues, but how to active the selling itens. My bot just pick up the rares, identify and stock in stash. It just ignore vendor NPC. Smart pickit box is checked and the another box are unchecked, how can u guyz see below. In the pickit file have this command: Check it out my bot's pickit: So... what i'm doing wrong? I dont know what to do! Im desparate!
  6. jeanpaim

    Bot dont talk/sell vendor!

    Guyz i really need help. I uncheck all the boxes and checked pickit box. The bot insist to change the loot to stash. If i uncheck "enable stashing" the bot keep the loot in invertory. It inst a coordenate issue cause the bot never talked with npc. I dont know what to do. Someone can help-me?
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