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  1. This guy is full of shit, idk why he is not banned yet, typical scammer, who got trust before as moderator
  2. ninja

    How Many Bots Can i Run On Virtual Machines?

    16gb, i5 @4300, RX 470, ssd 750 evo doing x4 vm
  3. кто-нибудь покупает впн? где? все больно дорогие, по 10$\мес. а то на моих 2х адресах уже 2 волны банов прошло
  4. ninja

    Chaos Breaches Outside Maps - Myth or Fact?

    its fake info. chayula only map drop
  5. edit ur pickit file, have u tried it?
  6. ninja

    I launch the bot and have no profile

    Did u unzip it?
  7. ninja

    Q: to not get ban.......

    whisper is better, Im doing so, or just invite to party like being friends
  8. ninja

    Bug : map upgrading

    in config.ini number of maps for upgrade = 3 pickit: [Category] == "Map" # [StashItem] == "true" // Tier 1 [Type] == "Arcade Map" # [StashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Crystal Ore Map" # [StashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Desert Map" # [StashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Jungle Valley Map" # [StashItem] == "true" // Tier 2 [Type] == "Beach Map" # [StashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Factory Map" # [StashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Ghetto Map" # [StashItem] == "true" [Type] == "Oasis Map" # [StashItem] == "true" map config: enable_map_tier_upgrading=true minimum_map_number_to_upgrade_tier=3 (or any multiple of 3) // Tier 1 [Type] == "Arcade Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" [Type] == "Crystal Ore Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" // [Type] == "Desert Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" [Type] == "Jungle Valley Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" // Tier 2 // [Type] == "Beach Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" [Type] == "Factory Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" [Type] == "Ghetto Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" // [Type] == "Oasis Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" what is bot doing : empty exile stash > taking x3 crystal ore maps > selling them for x1 factory map > selling x1 factory map for crap what's wrong? he should stash factory and wait till he could sell x3 factory maps, am I wrong? bot ver. 68d by Alkpone also had this now : started bot: he took map from stash, rolled it, was going to start it but i stopped bot. Started bot with this map in his stash > he just sold this map to vendor ! problem #2: 68d - bot taking every rare item he found, what should I do to let him pick only some items I need? Like I posted it in Pickit : (p.s. GUI - pick rare items - not chosen)
  9. ninja

    Clear maps by following my aura-bot is doable ?

    its will be like u should follow him, make @free for all, he attacks, you pickup items and share auras
  10. на хк смысла в боте нет вообще, он умрет в первый же час
  11. I'd work with u with in high amounts if u will make webmoney payment
  12. ninja

    currency flipping

    Im sure at vendors, like jewels for fusings for more space
  13. ninja

    Bot trying to attack mobs through the walls

    well, I have to skip some maps like dungeon on so on, since my char attacking a corner of walls or small rocks
  14. Hello, started 1st time with v0.67 and all was fine, updated to 0.68b and I have this issue for now. p.s. Using Split arrow gem What should I post here for help, if this problem only with my settings? But nothing new specific there im sure, from last update
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