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    check your game resolution, make sure it is 800 x 600. Mine did the same and it had changed to 803 x 600. Updated and worked.
  2. What are people using the bot for these days. Years ago I was able to make some ok real currency but prices seem so low now that the effort is not worth it. Are people just gathering currency for their mains? Leveling accounts to sell accounts?
  3. bjc300

    Bot Crashing a lot

    last week or two my bot has been crashing a lot. Nothing has changed and not sure what is causing it. I have it attached to mspaint. Any suggestions?
  4. Actually it is happening occasionally with portals still open, can't seem to find sarn encampment in choices.
  5. I have a problem after my bot runs a map and uses all the portals. It will be in the eternal lab and will go to way point but does not click to go to sarn encampment and will walk away and repeat over and over. This is only after all portals have been used and he no longer has maps on him. Anyone know a fix to this? I don't have a map device at my hideout yet.
  6. I am a noob to all this and have not used autohotkey before. I run the scrip and when the bot goes to the vendor it sits there with the dialog open but does not click anything. What did I do wrong?
  7. It appears the vendor sell coordinates button to sell to a vendor has changed. Bot get stuck in a loop trying to sell but can't and then will chicken over and over.
  8. bjc300

    Bot not moving

    Thanks so much, That fixed it.
  9. The bot gets stuck trying to stash in 0.14h(title is incorrect) if you have a quest item in your inventory.
  10. bjc300

    Bot not moving

    I have no problem with my higher level toon that I botted but when I started a new bot(low level) they will port to the map and then will initially move for a few seconds then stop. Can't figure out what is going on.
  11. Thought it was supposed to pick up the stones and armor scraps but it is not. Any way to configure it to pick them up?
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