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  1. Updated offsets. It usually means there was a wrong offset so the script was trying to read non existent memory, the update should fix it. If it is not fixed post what region/server you are on.
  2. See if deleting the config.ini fixes it. Then tell me how to reproduce this bug, so i can fix it, just this image won't help me.
  3. Updated Offsets for Taiwan client version G1.4.0* On the script settings tab, you should change to Taiwan server now. Also the remove ailments flask should be working now
  4. Thanks, i'll add as soon as Taiwan updates to poe v. 1.2.4
  5. UPDATE ON 10/25/2014 Change Logs: 1. Updated offsets and aob scan for patch 1.2.4* Users from taiwan should still use old script as taiwan didn't updated to 1.2.4 yet. *Sorry for the delay i was travelling for my job.
  6. UPDATE ON 10/14/2014 Change Logs: 1. Fixed bugs of last version. 2. Added support for Garena - Singapore/Malasya and Taiwan. I still need the mods name from Taiwan, please help me get them if you are playing on the Taiwan server. You just need to open the debug window and copy the mods. What i need: Catalysed = 催化的 Bubbling = ?? Saturated = ?? Seething = ?? Panicked = ?? Flask - Path of Exile Wiki
  7. look for If (TradeChannel<10) and change 10 to 20
  8. UPDATE ON 10/02/2014 Change Logs: 1. Updated offsets to 1.2.3b 2. Added another buff to check when hp/mana pots regen ended, problems with hp/mana flasks not using till full flask time should be solved. 3. Fixed double curse pot usage.
  9. UPDATE ON 09/19/2014 Change Logs: 1. Fixed bugs on health % per hit feature (sorry for the delay) 2. Added option to use removal flask of curses and corrupted blood 3. Changed the Hotkeys Configuration, now it should support all keys, mouse etc. 4. Added Hotkey to use the hideout command. 5. Changed the autoquit methot "kill process" to (ALT + F4) because of this: chris_wilson be talkin' 'bout RIP. Screen Froze / I Crashed ? #1 Beyond Full changes: https://github.com/Guruds/PoE_MultiScript/commit/a738b1f0c8e2a77105963eaf68c31f168a806b5e PS: I don't know if the ctrl bug is fixed, could be, if not report it again, ty.
  10. UPDATE ON 09/12/2014 Change Logs: 1. Fixed bugs introduced on the last script (auto shift and health % per hit feature) 2. Updated offsets to 1.2.2 3. Added new option to use status ailments flasks (frozen, shocked, burning) 4. QuickSilver flask will now only be used if there are no other quicksilver flask already running (so the if you use the quicksilver the script detects that and won't use another one over that) Full changes: https://github.com/Guruds/PoE_MultiScript/commit/8a857c121436c14c303541bdd97245b1d18234b2
  11. UPDATE ON 08/27/2014 Change Logs: 1. Updated Steam offsets for patch 1.2.0. 2. Added a way to change the Hotkeys, right click on the tray icon and click on "Configure Hotkeys" .
  12. Fixed a typo on quicksilver https://github.com/Guruds/PoE_MultiScript/commit/e24f2d09865aaf6f947dc659a2a2d3bb850eec17