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  2. Привет, проблема известна, будет исправлена.
  3. Today
  4. Здравствуйте. После одного из обновлений в начале месяца бот начал атаковать "положительные эффекты", например оружие, летающее возле персонажа и бьющее мобов. Такая проблема возникала и раньше несколько раз, но впоследствии быстро фиксилась, а тут уже месяц и не исправляется с патчами. Может быть я что то не знаю? Спасибо
  5. Yesterday
  6. I also tried to do that and also failed.
  7. Try experimenting with HO layout. With certain layouts you can almost completely avoid this issue.
  8. Lol-- mine is doing this-- and this is a post from 2014... Any idea how to not let this happen?
  9. Last week
  10. Was trying to set up a few profiles to farm twilight strand, making it rotate profiles and characters. But the bot just clears the map past the set timers and then tries to relog on the same character through the same bot profile.
  11. Hey all, I'm registered to the game in 2013 and I'm partly back to play now, in free time from studies as a student. never reached level 100 Also i see this is a huge project that dev guys working a lot on this bot. so i donated with pleasure!
  12. 中國的昨天更新了,外掛用不了

    一般要等幾天的 請耐心等待
  13. 为什么下载不了文件呢

    https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/forum/1-exiled-bot-teams-releases/ 去這裡下載呀
  14. Link

    What is the most updated download link of "exiled-bot"?
  15. Can you delete my exile-bot account? thanks.

  16. 为什么下载不了文件呢 如题
  17. Run on circles on same place

    Hello, i need some help setting up the bot, i start mapping and all ok but when the bot wanna explore just o circles on the same place and later go to portal and create new one, some one can help me pls?
  18. 重新用了預設值後可以正常運行了 Problem solved after using all default setting to run the bot.
  19. 是用哪一個版本的外掛 我這邊更新完之後人物只會往一個方向走
  20. Currency Flipping

    There is none
  21. Currency Flipping

    I highlyh doubt there are any publicly know currency bots that are not scams. If it was public there would be people buying into them hard. Who doesnt want to earn X100000 ex in 1 night just standing in HO flipping chromes to chance to chaos to fus to ex. Any currency bots are private and kept tight lipped by those who have them. Or so massively expensive that you take one look at it and immediately call it a scam
  22. Does anyone of u know a currency flipping bot, that is working with poe.trade?
  23. 可以加LINE嗎?


  24. Earlier
  25. Hi, POE of Garena update today. The bot not able to run. Please update it. Thank you very much! By the way, the bot version is "Exiled Bot Beta v0.74g" lastrun.log
  26. Need help

    Bot just cant farm Acts, i set up farm for maps and its work now
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