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  1. Today

    Download is available only for subscribed users.

    up Same problem, i`m waiting for solution
  4. Hello World

    Hello PoE players Good to see a lot of people here I wish You good luck and have fun with playing :]
  5. 2019"新EB"LINE群組

  6. Does this bot works?

    i think need to wait. but as of now there is no update when they plan to release the next version
  7. 有人能教EB使用 (刷地圖.設定販賣...等)

    xanadu0013 同求教學ˊˋ
  8. 2019"新EB"LINE群組

    ID 64326415
  9. Yesterday
  10. 有人能教EB使用 (刷地圖.設定販賣...等)

    留下 LINE ID詳談
  11. 虛擬機vm開POE分享教學VM use POE

    他會叫我從BIOS打開 VT-X(什麼虛擬化) 但我的BIOS裡面只有VT-D(也好像是神麼虛擬化)所以我把VT-D打開 但VM還是一直叫我打開VT-X ...
  12. Last week
  13. Bot seems not working, and 0 news about update, so, we need to wait or what?
  14. 2019 EB討論LINE群

    xanadu0013 3 4年前有斷斷續續買過 都是自己研究ˊˇˋ" 最近回歸看到終身卡就敗下去了XD
  15. Does this Bot still work?

    not working for me
  16. is the bot working? cause mine just click 1 position on the screen and do nothing. Since there is no dx9 support, the bot is dead?
  17. Help!!!

    what you mean by injecting it??
  18. Earlier
  19. 虛擬機vm開POE分享教學VM use POE

    以前有DX9,現在是DX11且不能調整成DX9 效能相較於以前,差很多
  20. 有人能教EB使用 (刷地圖.設定販賣...等)

    如果超過一個星期都沒人願意教你 你可以參考FB粉絲團
  21. 2019 EB討論LINE群

  22. 有人能教EB使用 (刷地圖.設定販賣...等) 求好人教 基本即可
  23. 新成立的FB技術交流討論區

  24. Does this Bot still work?

    It works but I wouldn't use it people seem to be banned within a few hours of using it
  25. 無限使用傳送卷軸

  26. 新成立的FB技術交流討論區

  27. help

    when i start the bot it just gets stuck in a loop of logging out, going to the coast, logging out etc... any suggestions? im not planning on botting below lvl 40 but just wanted to test it for a zone.
  28. Randomize time between clicks

    Why do you think there's no such kind of randomization?
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