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  3. Hello im about to setup a few bots and was wondering if anyone knew of a hands free build like... Diablo 3's Witch Doctor Locust Swarm. as the video explains dot locust swarm auto casts around him then jumps on kill to another guy. You spend most of the time staying near by looting or casting debuffs/buffs. Has anyone got anything in mind for current Season of POE?! Any ideas?! Cheers Ms Sammy
  4. How to Purchase Elite Status + MORE INFO

    I've activated my account, erased the file (because of virus vaccine), and tried to do it again, so it doesn't work. What should I do?
  5. Yesterday
  6. จากที่หายไปนานตอนนี้กลับมาแล้วนะครับ มีปัญหาการใช้งาน การตั้งค่า รบกวนติดต่อ https://discord.gg/kXQ5MsY ทางนี้นะครับ
  7. Help me, plz

    I've activated my account, erased the file, and tried to do it again, so it doesn't work.What should I do?
  8. 麥永九旭號

    ID ads7441852
  9. 自動刷圖請教

  10. 自動刷圖請教

    我是這樣設定 勾選一樣還是只跑劇情章節,要嘛是你default的設定錯誤,預設應該都會跑圖才對,不然就是你的倉庫沒輿圖,bot沒偵測到
  11. Last week
  12. 自動刷圖請教

    請問各位大大要如何把自動跑章節地圖的功能關掉 我Maps Editor default裡面的自動跑T6~T10的註解拿掉了 但是Run下去還是重複的跑ACT 9的滲血水道,請問我的問題出現在哪裡呢?
  13. The Bot is just keep running??

    Did you find any solution for this? I downloaded the newest version, as of today, and it still does the same thing.
  14. EB開完沒有反應問題請教

    LINE ID:hofachi 麻煩您了
  15. EB開完沒有反應問題請教

    留下LINE ID
  16. 各位不好意思請問一下版上教學該載的我都有載 POE也改成英文版了,介面設定ALT拾取那些都有弄,但是START BOT按下去之後沒有反應 反而是重新打開Exiled BOT ,想請問一下各位問題出在哪裡,還是我有東西還沒改
  17. 2019"新EB"LINE群組

    我的QR code 平常都有在掛 可以回答基本問題 有問題也可以私我 但我不一定馬上回 也歡迎群組拉我進去
  18. The Bot is just keep running??

    it is the exiled-bot team releases, however the bot is not currently working
  19. Bot is just sitting

    bot is not currently working, no response from developers from multiple reports. hopefully they update the code...
  20. 新成立的FB技術交流討論區

    弄好久都不會 人物只會走圖不會主動攻擊 偶爾打一下而已 請問到底是甚麼原因
  21. The Bot is just keep running??

    how did u find the download file for the bot i cant find it
  22. 2019"新EB"LINE群組

    jacky013046 麻煩了 謝謝
  23. 搜尋:EB_技術交流討論區_Exiled-bot https://www.facebook.com/EB_技術交流討論區_Exiled-bot-351821188774437/?modal=admin_todo_tour 留下想詢問的問題,也許會有志同道合的夥伴回答你的疑惑 小編如果也知道如何解決,將回答你所提出的問題
  24. The Bot is just keep running??

    It is the same for me. I think we need to wait for a new version. The game was patched recently so a new version of exiled bot might be required.
  25. EB專業代購、使用教學

    line ID :lome9958
  26. 麥永九旭號

    8591 650T LINE=ID
  27. 2019"新EB"LINE群組

    ID: lome9958 3Q
  28. The Bot is just keep running??

    Hello all. I'm new for botting POE. I followed the youtube video to setup the bot and then hit start. After logging into the game, the mouse is always point to the the upper right and the character is always running towards it. It keeps running without doing anything. Could anyone help me to fix this issue? Thank you guys.
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