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Release: Currency Viewer 2.02

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Hi Guys

i updated the CurrencyViewer2.01 Script i found in the developer section of the forum,

updated api
updated gui
additional currency added

u need AutoHotkey (if there are still botters that dont use it --> https://autohotkey.com)

all u have to do is edit the bots.txt and type in the name and bot log location of your bots.

something like this:


in the bot / client section enable item logging

Now you can see how much currency you are getting and the price of it in total in chaos/exalt and the ratio.
Ratio's are pulled from poe.ninja

All Credit goes to PhalanxRS 11 year old (probably older now) cousin, he developed the Script.
For Donations his PayPal: [email protected]


Have Fun


for all the paranoid ppl, without any icons

https://pastebin.com/raw/aAcwaFzR CurrencyViewer

https://pastebin.com/raw/RAsp1V4Z JSON.ahk









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