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Two accounts under different IP

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Tell me, please, how can run 2 accounts under different IP addresses? Fisrt it's a main , second for grinding. I don't undestand how i can use for main my ip and for grind account VPN ip.

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you'll need either 2 computers OR set up 1 or 2 Virtual Machines to Run under your Primary OS. You can Google how to Set up Virtual MAchines and there are guides in the Elite Section that are pretty detailed on how to set them up.

VPN is best if you Go private(public are easier to keep track of and mass ban) and pay like $3 depending on the service. You can google good VPN's as well.

For Botting MAKE 100% that it supports a Killswitch that stops all connections if the VPN server goes down. you don't want your bots both being on the same IP because the VPN stopped working for a few mins

Now to get it the grinding bot set up under a VPN seperate from your main depending on What service you get could be as easy as install/Login/Start, or something else more complicated


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I found guide in Compendium section ;


To get PoE installed quickly on A VM you only have to download the PoE installer on your VM then cancel the download and copy/paste your content.ggpk file from your Host to your VM PoE folder.

If you don't have enough space in the VM, you will still find the content.ggpk file stored in hidden folder.


This tip is for those who dont share the PoE.exe with the Host.

Walt's VMWare Guide HERE

masterpulha's VWare Guide HERE

 But i can't use links  



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