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How to help the bot-devs

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i've found the post how to update the bot yourself, but as in futher replies described its complicated to find the right offsets  all by yourself. 

So here is my actual question: Is it still helpfull for the dev team if i would search and trace the pointer of objects in the game memory , to submit them to the team?

or is there a better way to keep the bot up to date ( or help to keep it up)?


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I feel like after this much time of the bot being for sale Alk possibly has made/started making a program/script to try and find most offsets for smaller updates. There is probably a 2-3 hour QA period since MOST of the time when the bot breaks from a small update he tends to get an update out at about the same time.

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If I were to guess he has AoBs that are just specific enough that if the offsets change they can find them in a manner of minutes. In terms of if the offsets change radically or if they change protections or something that is going to take longer as the AoBs will just not work anymore. Nothing like that rogue Jmp command to just screw everything up lol.

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