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Bot no more working since this morning?! Cause of Patch today?

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Hi there,

I wanted to check my loot this morning as always, but the game hang up. Nothing new so far, as this happens sometimes. Restartet game, pressed start but bot only walks to the right. Restarted Bot. Same issue. Walks some steps right, stops, walks some steps right, stops, and so on.

Rechecked Graphics: 800x600, lowest possbile

Rechecked UI: all OK

Reinstalled DirectX

Reinstalled Bot

Made new profile (same settings as before)

Started bot again: same issue

Some may say now it is because I have wrong settings, but believe me that is not the case. I didnt change anything but the bot behaves like that.

Does anybody have or did have the same problem and knows a solution that for? Would  appreciate. THX

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