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Any Ancestral warchief build viable for bot?

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12 hours ago, zeratulcsw said:

Hi guys i am new here and i was wondering if there is a viable build for the bot to play with ancestral warchief and shield charge.

Both are viable.

 If you are planning on using ancestral warchief as a main skill, be aware that you will be either using the kiting function or be facetanking.  Realistically, it isn't as efficient as other melee skills because of the totem setup time.  I use it however as a secondary skill on all my bots specifically for unique mobs where the additional dps makes up for the setup time.

Shield charge works as a closing gap skill, another skill I use all the time to proc fortify.  I don't use it a movement only skill.

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Em 07/09/2017 às 17h05, jps42 disse:

I am using eartquake as the main skill, and would like to set the ancestral warchief as helper, how should I setup Priority, cooldow? or max. dist. or min. dist, I do not use kite mode, if you can help me, I'm grateful


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