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[Need your thoughts] Magic finder Sunder Slayer

Is it viable?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Is it viable?

    • yes
    • no

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Please note that you will need Path of Building for this in order for you to see the items,dps, skill tree, bandits that was used.



If you don't know how to use Path of Building, please do your own research. 


Reason for using bringer of rain: to have a 6 socket chest with gems to lvl for selling. This is pretty optional but this provides a cheap 6 link.

for the weapon. I chose it cause it is cheap. You can still use others as you see fit.
I used sunder cause of the aoe.


Please note that this tree is for 80 and above. Improvise on your own. I would suggest getting more life nodes if you have extra levels.

This build is fully untested but I believe quite viable for most tier 1-10 maps


Advantages: high drop rates, max resistances, has a chance to block.

Disadvantages: 4k+ life, ele weakness maps. Expensive rings and amulet.


Please answer the Poll question above. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

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I answered yes to the poll.

However, I don't think the setup is optimal. All those uniques prevent you from getting resistances.

While BoR gives you a cheap 6L (7 if you count blind, and a lvl 12 faster attacks and 18 melee phys is also not a full link imo), a 5L chest (astral plate) and helm will probably allow you to drop purity of elements and arctic armour for hatred, while having more life doing so, for a slightly higher cost (5L is pretty cheap). Hatred might make kaom's primacy or hezmana better as weapon, since it's higher phys base. You didn't add flasks, but lion's roar and atziri do the same. You can probably also drop some resist nodes for more damage.

Other than that, I guess you'll include CWDT and golem in the build?

I also have a feeling you are taking a bit too much leech on the tree. But that's something you have to feel. I just think endless hunger and brutal fervour should be enough, maybe 1 or 2 nodes on tree for bosses, but probably best to skip them on a magic finder. So, more points for damage (executioner, splitting strikes wheel).

Oh, and take some jewel sockets, they are good :D

Other than that, pretty good starter build.

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