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I tried to set it up with the bot and it doesn't work; 

RF is on right mouse click with priority 9 (always recast buff)

Shield charge on F with priority 10 (Is movement skill) (Use shift)

Stone golem on Q with priority 11

Auras on W & E with priority 1 (Is aura)

Enduring cry on R with priority 11 //cooldown 2000

Decoy totem on T with priority 12 (Target unique) //cooldown 8000

My char stays imobile if I move my mouse outside the POE windows it keeps right clicking again and again, if you know I can fix that or if you can guide me through the set up of EB with RF it would be greatly appreciated. It seems like i'm definetly doing something wrong and can't find what it this even if it's not my first time configuring EB..

thank you in advance

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Did you copy and paste your old configs into the newer bot release? the notes say not to do that and it causes that issue. 



What skill do you guys use to setoff elemental equalibrium? 

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