trade 25+ currency issue

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hc4fun    1

I have problem with trading currency and and unique items from my bot acc.

I already created two fresh acc both char leveled up to 25 + and on both I can't make regular trade when I'm trying to put anything to trade window I get info that I can't trade <25 o_0 and drop trade is also blocked.

I'm using the same VPN (not free one) + WM service since since 2 - 3 years w/o any problems like this till now

Did any have got the same issue?


I send email from on of the acc to ask support about it but I don't think I will get any respond since I used bot on it already.

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masterpulha    142

GGG thinks you created too many accounts on the same IP and are acting suspiciously...
Also, different IP on the same browser without clearing cookies will also auto flag your account.
They will ask you what other accounts you have and the City where you create them.
Sometimes they will unlock it, but it's flagged already.

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