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Flicker Strike Build

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My build consists of the following:


Flicker Strike (obv) - MRight

Blood Rage - Q

Vaal Haste - W

Vaal Grace - E

Leap Slam - MW


My default for moving is LeftMouse, and im trying to get all of these guys to work. Has anyone else gotten past this?

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yup. I'll make up some skill priority for you 


Flicker strike 6 (lowest priority) no CD use with 1 frenzy charge or more

Leap slam. 5 (lowest priority) no CD. The idea is to use leap slam to kill the first few monsters to get frenzy charges going.

Vaal hast 7 CD 15000. 15 seconds, depends on how fast you kill monsters. so change as needed

Vaal grace 8 13500 13.5 seconds, depends on how fast you kill monsters. so change as needed. BUT! make sure vaal grace/haste has a 1.5 seconds or so inbetween. Vaal skills seem to have a little bit of a longer cast time, so give the bot a little of time in-between skills so it can use both

Blood Rage 9 CD mmmmm 20 seconds ish. Depends on how long your bloodrage duration lasts. I would take that duration and add 10 seconds or so. Make sure you have the box checked to recast the ability. but, don't set it up with a short CD else you will be spamming blood rage and losing efficiency 

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The Bot can run BloodRage (or other timed Buff) without CD. Just tick the "Always recast buff". I run it with Prio 1 and no CD and experience no problems with constant recasts like you mention.


I personally placed my Vaal-aura at a higher prio than BloodRage and limited Vgrace to rare/unique mobs, so I don't waste them on a random trash mob and confront the map boss without a carged Vaal-aura.

VHaste is only half-nice for clearspeed, mostly for the movement speed in my opinion. From my point of view, attack speed of the weapon is not so important as the raw base damage, so I scratched it for a Ancestral Warchief Totem, which gives me a nice extra bit of punch and offers a bit of distraction sometimes to the mobs/bosses.

Flickering once (3attacks - Multistrike ftw) obliterates 95% of all blue packs up to T8 maps, so I saw no big benefit in scaling attack speed with VHaste. It won't last long anyway, so if the bot decides to run around on the map searching for what ever, it won't do you much good.

I use a 510pdps 2H axe with +2melee gems and +2range.


Just for curiositys sake:

Don't you use Hatred, a Golem or Herald or Blasphemy-curse?

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