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Tornado Shot/Help pls

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Trying to set up a tornado shot skill build

Im running tornado shot obviously
Herald of ice


Blood rage

Summon Ice Golem


I have my right click which is tornado shot priority 9, with 35 25

I have left click set to movement with priority 7

auras set to 6 

and golem to 5 with summon 1


When I'm on a map my character just dosent run around, Ive been farming dried lake and he just stands still instead of searching and looking for any monsters. What am I doing wrong if anyone could help me?

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well, that sounds the mistake is somewhere in the combat settings. solution how to find out what is wrong: open up your logs in the log folder. it always (or at least most of the time) gives you a hint what bot is trying to do.


if he gets stuck at the beginning of a zone, he probably starts to cast an aura or buff that isn't matching with your ingame skills.

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