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Pantagolem fire build : possible ?

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I've started a new char in Breach : Witch panta-fire-golem. Im following a guide on Poe forum. 

I want my bot to run it. But regardless my setup, it doesnt work. 


Basicaly, I want my bot to summon 5 golem ( he summon only 2 atm) then go and just  cast flesh offering from time to time. My character is supposed to stay far away from any danger and the golems clean. 

However, it does not work yet. My character fail the kitting and most of the time, he run in the melee and try to tank. 


Anyone have a similar build and know how to adjust it ? If i can avoid to spend dozens of hours building a new char it would be great... thx. 

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Try setting golem jewels to cast every 8 seconds(8000ms) and disable the  golem  check in the skill settings. and have the distance set to 60. Set the kite range to 60 andn the time to lkike 2-4 seconds and i think it will work fine

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