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Drop log currency analyzer

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In the recent (Yocttar test) versions, the bot will log all stashed items to a csv file.

This means, we got all data for currency profit analyzing now, we only missed a tool.

So, I wrote a little tool that does exactly this.


How to use:

- Edit bots.ini so it contains 1 line for each bot (in case you got all bots on host and share with vm).

Use "pick a random name that identifies your bot;full path to csv file location" for each bot

- Edit currency.ini. Each line contains a currency value (you can add as many as you want, also essences with full name);conversion value (I like to know how much chaos I have when I trade all the random currencies).

-Run CurrencyViewer.exe


Since forum does not allow me to upload the file, here is a link:

PS: It's been hacked together, program is not the fastest, but does what I wanted it to do.
Small update: There is a check box next to the end date. When checked, it will replace it with the current time.
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