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Mapping. Power leveling.

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This bot doesn't have scripts.If you have good gear and you don't die you will reach lvl 93 pretty fast if you can sustain your map pool.Alching maps will be better.

I'm confused. I thought the picket and map files were scripts that could be edited?

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Configuration files, not scripts.


If you are talking about scripts, search for Autopot.


Bot is a form of automation for the game. From the user perspective - you team it using configuration. Part of configuration is presented in form of menu and general user interface. Second part (like pickit, map configuration, etc...) is too complicated to be presented in such a manner.


I see what you expect, but at the moment you need to do some work by yourself to power level (eg. unlock content, difficulties, etc...) or mapping (this is easier - with unlocked content, simple build, you can use bot with proper map configuration to make it possible to map efficiently).

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