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              The Exiled Bot Compendium

       An index of useful information for you.


[system Requirements To Use Bot]

Visual C++ 2010 (For 32 Bit OS )

Visual C++ 2010 (For 64 Bit OS )

Direct X End user Runtime

Bot works with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Note you need! NetFramework 4.5.2 To use Dxtory

This is what I installed in my Vmware Workstation  HERE


You have to run the game in windowed mode 800x600 resolution

You can also use programs like Dxtory to limit the FPS to use less CPU power
If you get Dxtory make sure you change / remove the current keybinds inside the program

It Interferes with the F11+F12 buttons that you can use with the bot.

Guide to set ultra low graphics HERE

To avoid picking up white items It's Adviced that you enable "Always highlight Items" & Key Pickup in 

Path of Exile Options > UI Screenshot HERE

NOTE! Always set your Path of Exile KEYBINDING'S TO DEFAULT. Don't change buttons like " I " For Inventory to something else, it will conflict with the keys the bot uses.



[License Key]

How to find your license key?

Locate your name on the top left of this website > Client Area > Purchases = Voila!

The license is key sensitive so it's important that you use the correct username and copy/paste your key correctly, if you have a space infront or behind or just 1 letter wrong, you will fail to activate so please make sure you have set your username and license key in correctly before you ask for help.


Problems activating your license key?


Right click the time/date (default bottom-right corner), click Date Time settings, then "Internet time", then select any other setting apart from time.windows.com and click sync/update now.

[skill Configuration]

To use the bot you need to set up your skills Guide HERE

Using F11 To Reload settings and F12 to pause/resume the bot should help you on the way ( You have to Start the bot with your mouse first in order to pause/resume )

finding the best settings for your character.

Setting up the skills wrong will result in one or multiple problems for you.

Meaning that you should spend some time to get it right.

[bot Features]

Chaos Recipe, Gem Leveling, Vendoring , Aura Handling, Flask Handling / Chicken on low HP

Stashing Items, Reroll Map mods, Automatic game Restart / Set your own idle time. Identify Rare / Unique Items (Configure it to how you like it)

Clear Corrupted Zones, Hideout,  Kite Mode,  Profile Changer. + a bunch more.

The bot is fully passive (No Injection) & Highly configurable (skills,items,maps,pickit etc)

It's adviced that you get atleast One Waypoint and some equipment before you start.

[Pickit / Maps]


Map Guide HERE

What is a pickit?

Pickit is a customizable item loot filter system which you can edit your self.

Using notepad, open the default.ipd file located inside the current version of the bot you have.

“Exiled Bot\Configuration\default\Pickit”


The basics are that // Disables the line of text and removing the "//" Enables the line.

More information in the default.ipd file on how to configure.

The default settings should be good enough to make new players happy.

It's very individual and I advice you to take the time to figure out the game

and items you want to pick up yourself.

It's the same for the default.ipd file located in the Maps folder.


To use more then ONE bot you need ONE license key per bot.

You may use the same key at any computer, just not at the same time.



This is what you need to be able to use your computer at the same time while ur botting to do other stuff like play games / watch porn/ movies etc. Read below about how to set that up;

Virtual Machines

Virtual machines enable you to bot multiple path of exile accounts at one time.

VMWare Workstation is the most popular. Please check out the elite guide section for guides on setting up your own VMs. Please note you need a fairly good system to use virtual machines efficiently.

It is also a good idea to use a VPN or VPS service when botting multiple accounts. Use your main IP on one and then use a VPN service on the rest.


Virtual Private Networks. They are proxies that hide your IP by masking it and appearing as someone else. Use google to find a good static ip VPN service if you decide to get into multibotting. No point to VPN if you’re single botting.


To get PoE installed quickly on A VM you only have to download the PoE installer on your VM then cancel the download and copy/paste your content.ggpk file from your Host to your VM PoE folder.

If you don't have enough space in the VM, you will still find the content.ggpk file stored in hidden folder.


This tip is for those who dont share the PoE.exe with the Host.

Walt's VMWare Guide HERE

masterpulha's VWare Guide HERE


[Game Update / Bot DOWN]

The Bot sometimes has to be updated when PoE launches game changing patches.

To understand why you have to wait for the bot update please read this to understand  HERE

Or just wait for an update


D3dx9_43.dll or other .dll files missing even after installing DirectX? Try this method


Character Stuck In Middle Of Town/Too Far From the Waypoint and Not Selecting an area to farm?
Go to config folder and open system.ini
Change :

Area Select Delay = 1000 -> 2000 - 3000. Values will vary depending on latency. Have a play around and see what works best for you

if its still not working decrease your clicks per second. Trying value of 9,8,7,6

Black screen on Path of Exile client window?

Create a shortcut of the pathofexile.exe and then in properties of the shortcut type:


"\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\PoE\PathOfExile.exe" -- gc2

It should look similar to this.  ^^^

Other fixes for BSOD include installing a frame limiter like DXTory and increasing your vRAM size for the VM. There is a guide for increasing the vRAM below.

Bot joins a zone then sits there doing nothing?

1.       Make sure your game client, exiled bot client are being run as administrator in a 800x600 game window.

2.       Make sure you’re using the most up to date version for your version (Normal, Steam, GA)

3.       Make sure if you have auras that they are set up correctly

4.       Always check for bot updates in Team Release section! ALWAYS!

Bot standing there recasting auras?

If your bot uses multiple auras of (3+) you need to make sure you have your keybinds set correctly.

Sometimes the bot will bug out if you’re using 4 auras or more. If you get a bug where you join a zone and it stands there recasting your auras, these are two temporary solutions:

1.       Reset your combat keybinds and redo them and make sure you only have “Is Aura” on your Aura keybinds.

2.       Instead of 4 auras, try 3. And so on. Not all auras go together and it’s a known bug that Alk is working on.

Is your bot not appearing after hiding it in a process? Try this guide to fixing your problem.


vRAM issues? A possible fix for you if you are running out of video memory:


How to check if you actually need to update

Occasionally, the offsets change for game versions Steam and GArena yet stay the same for standard client.

Alkpone always notes whether or not the offsets were updated for which version of the game.

If the update says something like

“Offsets updated for Steam version 2.0.2b.”

And you are using Standard Client just fine, there’s no reason to update to this version unless there’s a really good reason for it which would be noted in Alk’s post.

Additionally, this also means if you run into crashes, bugs or other issues with a new version that uses the same offsets as the previous, you can backgrade to the previous and use that until the issue is solved in a newer update.

Can't open the bot? This is probably because of your anti virus, Exiled-Bot has added a  "False Positive" for security reasons. Or you can add Exiled-Bot into exceptions in your AntiVirus.

[Helpful PoE sites to improve your game experience]

https://pathofpoe.com  -- Lists popular builds for all classes. Regularly updated and maintained.

http://poemods.com/ -- Contains all modifiers for items, great for crafting and other stuff. For more advanced PoE users.

https://poebuilder.com/ -- Good tool for planning out your own talent tree spec.

http://poe.trade – Gear out your character for cheap!

[Popular Programs]

1.    VMware – If you want to bot multiple accounts this program will do it for you. There are guides to setting it up in the Elite Section. VMware Workstation 7 & 12 is preferred.

2.    DXTory – Great for limiting your frame rate to save CPU resources.

3.    AutoHotKey – There are tons of scripts for “AHK” for use with Path Of Exile and the bot.

4.    GreenShot – Captures “printscreen” images instantly and allows you to upload to imgur. Very useful when you need help in chat and want to give people a demonstration of your problem.

[Recommended Reads]

Tips to Avoid Being Banned

Using your Hideout and Botting

How to purchase Elite Keys for Botting




Thanks to alkpone and everyone in the support staff.

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