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How to setup a cyclone?

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Since GGG changed the way cyclone works the bot is NOT able to use that skill.. It was before however, and with good results if i may say so.. (at least if you usedcwdt lvl1+lightning warp+reduced duration) :P

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Ummm who said you can't do it. I leveled a char from 72-84 using cyclone in 3 days. Almost 85 now.  


The config of the cyclone is the key not the bot itself. 


I am using facebreaker build using cyclone+bm+melee phys+conc effect using a shield. With a 950% Facebreaker (bought it for 4.5 ex in 2 days of running), my tooltip is at 26K++. You need phys damage rings, Meginords belt and Abyssus. I even crafted 6-7 phys damage on my shield to get more DPS. If you find a 750%-800% Facebreaker you will hit 20K++ dps. Btw this is 5L setup so it is very cheap to setup.


It uses the carnage heart unique amu to get llife eech to supply mana for the cyclone skill chain with BM. 


This allowed me to use 2 auras. Hated and Anger for added DPS. You can setup a 3rd but to reach the reduce mana reserve node is a little far. 


For countering mobs I used CWDT+Temporal+increased duration with 2 shield gems Riposte and reckoning linked to leech+melee phys+gain on it. These skills damage for 6-7K dps per cast and sometimes do more of killing the mobs. 


The only thing it does not work with is reflect maps so I avoid those maps.  

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I'll explain further why Cyclone sucks with the bot...


"Cyclone moves to where you clicked at your move speed. Clicking further away from you means you will go further, but as soon as you start cycloning it cannot be stopped from your own and will continue until you have reached the final destination."


Just by reading that you should understand that the mechanics of Cyclone does not fit for the bot. ( If you have runned the bot and see how the "pathing" works"


  • Cyclone now attacks slightly slower and has an equivalent increase to damage. It now deals damage immediately when it is used, in addition to periodic damage. Cyclone no longer targets enemies, only locations.
  • " Cyclone no longer targets enemies, only locations. " This basically means that Cyclone sucks even harder then pre 1.3.0 . Simply because of how the bot uses pathing and actually uses the mouse to target monsters.  bot does not attack "locations"

If you still think it's a good idea to use Cyclone, by all means I wont stop you. But I can assure you, it sucks.


Other then that Cyclone is an awesome skill while playing solo.





                                   THE END                                          

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Understand that and I do not argue (I saw it all), but the poebotty's message is very intrigued me, if he really has configured the cyclone, I would be very grateful for informations.

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@Raze the reason you cannot stop the cyclone skill is because when you are playing solo as a person you spam the skill in a constant chain. You have to realize the bot can do a delay for a skill when it switches targets. This means the bot can actual use cyclone-delay-find target-repeat. By simply adding the cooldown of 300 ms allows the bot enough time to change direction thus making him move around as he uses the skill. If you cooldown is 0 then the bot will just constantly spam cyclone and if you link it to BM then he will most likely die too often because he tries to change targets/move while still spamming cyclone. The bot actually performs the cyclone skill much better than any player because of the simple fact that it targets way way better than a human being can. Add the delay and you have a perfect skill user


@PortVilla: below are my cyclone settings. FYI My left and right buttons are set both to the cyclone skill. 


; Set here the key or the mouse button of the skill.
; Set here the minimum distance from monster to use this skill.
; Set here the maximum distance from monster to use this skill.
; Set here if you want to use this skill as an aura.
; Set here if you want to re-activate the aura in each run (eg. for Arctic Armour)
; Set here the timer before the bot using the skill again (in ms).
; Set here the skill's priority (higher value = higher priority).
; The bot will use this skill against selected monster rarity and upper. (0: All monster, 1: Magic monsters, 2: Rare monsters, 3: Unique monsters, 4: Normal only)
; Use skill depending of the number of targets close to the monster
; Range used when checking monsters around the target
; Press shift while casting?
; Press the skill button and hold it until target change?
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I dont think you really grasp HOW cyclone works.. And further more 23k tooltip is not that much..

Who are you talking to?

I just pinned it cause theres a approach to make cyclone work with a reply that tells us, thats its working.

We dont wanna argue about tooltip dps here.

Lets see if others can make it work that way... Or not.

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I've made a few posts on cyclone over the past two or three months. I also run an lv85 cyclone marauder on Softcore and don't really have any issues, though I'm still too lazy to get Zana and run maps.


He clears probably 200 iterations of Kaom's Stronghold a night (8-10 hours), and nets me about 2-3ex a night (not counting uniques; all currency)


With that being said, the bot does not cast cyclone all the time. It used to get stuck all the time and just die, but then I setup leapslam as the secondary skill (priority 5 vs 9 cyclone). It leap slams to close gaps, and leap slams when cyclone won't cast. So the DPS isn't maximal, but he still mops up. Tooltip is like 35k I think

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Sorry, all my bots were banned so I took a break for a bit.


I forgot what the config was, but really just setup leapslam as a secondary skill and set a short delay on cyclone (maybe 50ms?) but no delay on leapslam. And have cyclone maybe a 9 priority and leapslam a 5. Then, if cyclone cant cast, that 50 ms delay will push leapslam to cast during the delay, and the bot usually unsticks.


Play around with the delay, I think I used between 50 and 100ms usually. I also had my leapslam 5L with good support gems too, so the bot was probably 75% cyclone and 25% leapslam. Not ideal, but workable!


Sorry I couldnt help more!

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I know this is an old thread but in case someone came along looking for answers like me in 2017, I can confirm that Lightning Warp + Cast When Damage taken solved all my Cyclone problems. Thank you for the recommendation! 

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