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[Beta] Skillgem Leveler Fix

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We all know how it goes:

You're botting, and you want to level the gems as you go, but suddenly, theres a gem that you can't level up due to lack of stats or level, which then blocks the rest of your skillgems from leveling up.


This lil' thing SHOULD help with that, as it will reposition the mousecursor to match the first skillgem that CAN be leveled up.


This is in beta, and will need some testing before i can fully code it to suit all needs.


For now there are 2 major dependencies:


1) You MUST have a skill in either of the 3 mouse keys

2) You can not change the delay of the mouse positioning, so if you rely on auras (which will be cast before upgrading skillgems), this will not work.


Configuration and stuff can come later, i'm interested in feedback on how it works on different setups.


How to run it


Launch your game, start EB, pause EB when in town, run the .exe file, and continue bot.


There are a few kinks here and there, but it should all in all work.


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Thanks for the effort dude! But seriously, bot should have gem leveling feature get fixed already. Because with ahk it should be pretty hard (may be impossible) to distinguish CWDT gem and leave it as it is. I just can't use this due to this.


Anyways, keep up the good work!

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You already have a build in solution for that within PoE GameClient ;) If you rightclick a skillupdate it will no more show up on the right side. It is only available when you open you inventory (at the bottom)

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i did download it! Dont know why it wasnt counted...

But to be honest i did not test this yet cuz i dont have any lowlevel twink bots :(

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