Throwing Spectral Weapons...for a Noob by a Noob! (scion video added)

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diabolical    6

Nah my bot ripped already haha. I feel that curses are too hard to set up in this scenario, how can one ensure that it curses every pack of mobs without it spamming too much? This build is definitely viable in standard/domination, kills things pretty quickly. Hella squishy in nemesis though.

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diabolical    6

After testing out numerous builds, I recommend you to make a ground slam marauder guide for nemesis. I'm lazy to make a huge post so I figured I'll feed you details and you can help the community.


Can transit into Heavy strike instead of ground slam after 70 to bot library.


CoDT setup enduring+immortal call+rejuv/decoy/increased duration.

I personally use rejuv cause I have 200+ hps that way.


Using 4L Ground slam+melee phys+added fire+Life leech.


Only using 1 aura, determination+reduced mana. Thinking of going grace though.


Build can be edited to opt for Iron reflex with Grace usage for more armor. Personally, I like the life nodes at templar better.

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